Lattice Options and Add-Ins

Various plots and functions that make use of the lattice/trellis plotting framework. The plots, which include loaPlot(), RgoogleMapsPlot() and trianglePlot(), use panelPal(), a function that extends 'lattice' and 'hexbin' package methods to automate plot subscript and panel-to-panel and panel-to-key synchronization/management.


Changes in loa 0.2.44 [2018-10-25]

  •   added add_loaPanel 
  •   added addXYLMFit, addXYLOESSFit, 
      addXYFit_prep, loaXYFit_lm, 
      loaXYFit_loess, panel.loaXYFit

Changes in loa 0.2.43 [2018-09-03]

  •   update to condPanelHandler, now passes 
      current cond to panel
  •   changed panel.loaLevelPlot, ...binPlot,  
      ...kernelDensity, ...surfaceSmooth
      defaults to scheme = "loa.scheme"
  •   update to loaBarPlot (simplified 
      df naming)
  •   update to panel.loaPlot2 
      (grid by default)
  •   update to limHandler (NA handling)
  •   update to cexHandler (NA handling)
  •   updated GoogleMap defaults grid off
  •   updated defaults for panel.loaPlot
      (blue col.regions and grid on) 
  •   updates requested for CRAN resubmission
  •   update to loaBarPlot, now allows both 
      (x,y,cond) and (y~x|cond) use

Changes in loa 0.2.42 [2017-09-21]

  •   added draw.groupPlotKey
  •   added panel.triangleByGroupPolygon
  •   update to triABC2XY and triXY2ABC
  •   added triABCSquareGrid
  •   update to panel.trianglePlot, tidied 
      grid and group handling
  •   update to panel.kernelDensity, added 
      too.far arg like in panel.surfaceSmooth
  •   added panel.triangleKernelDensity and 
  •   update to panel.kernelDensity, added 
      local.wt arg
  •   further updates to GoogleMap to track 
      RgoogleMaps update
  •   modified loaBarPlot refined NA handling
      and key handling
  •   added crude scalesHandler function
  •   modified loaBarPlot default col 
      handling, 1 col = blue
  •   modified loaBarPlot, now has a 
      loa key

Changes in loa 0.2.41 [2017-06-02]

  •   added loaBarPlot (might not be 
  •   added plyr to depends (might not 
      be staying)
  •   updates to panel.zcasePiePlot and 
      panel.zcasePieSegmentPlot, better 
  •   update to GoogleMap track RgoogleMaps

Changes in loa 0.2.40 [2016-08-22]

  •   updates to loaPolygon, for rotation 
      and rescaling
  •   updates to draw.loaColorKey and 
      (re raster color scales)

Changes in loa 0.2.39 [2016-06-14]

  •   updates to panel.loaLevelPlot 
      and colHandler 
      (re pdf transparency handling)

Changes in loa 0.2.31 [2016-02-29]

  •   updates re CRAN resubmission

Changes in loa 0.2.29 [2015-12-12]

  •   formulaHandler update
  •   panel.loaGrid update, improved 
      tracking of POSIX axis

Changes in loa 0.2.28 [2015-11-18]

  •   formulaHandler, draw.zcasePlotKey
      updates, now tracks zcases better
  •   added stackPlot, panel.stackPlot 
      and associated data handler 
      stackXZ2XYZ(not export)
  •   added draw.ycasePlotKey 

Changes in loa 0.2.27 [2015-08-06]

  •   panelPal, formulaHandler and 
      limsHandler updates, improved 
      POSIXct handling 

Changes in loa 0.2.26 [2015-07-25]

  •   loaPlot/formulaHandler update, 
      zcase now factor when panelled
  •   parHandler update, raised lower
      end of default col.regions

Changes in loa 0.2.25 [2015-06-03]

  •   loaHandler update, improved 
      third party data.panel tracking
  •   triABC2XY update

Changes in loa 0.2.24 [2015-04-22]

  •   smoother col gradient for 
  •   added panel.loaLevelPlot 
  •   added panel.surfaceSmooth
  •   added matrixHandler function
  •   update to loaPlot, now also 
      accepts matrix as x input

Changes in loa 0.2.23 [2015-03-05]

  •   xlab, ylab fix for 0.2.21 
  •   formulaHandler update to allow default 
      trianglePlot normalisation  

Changes in loa 0.2.21-2 [2015-01-21]

  •   minor updates for CRAN submission
  •   jss paper reference added to citation 

Changes in loa 0.2.20 [2015-01-09]

  •   resetTriLims update

Changes in loa 0.2.19 [2015-01-05]

  •   major revision of trianglePlot 
      (now uses panelPal, conditions, 
  •   added resetTriLims 
  •   removed previous trianglePlot 
      code functions

Changes in loa 0.2.18 [2014-11-18]

  •   panelPal update (reset.xylims 
      now accepts function)
  •   formulaHandler update (added 
      coord.conversion option)
  •   triABC2XY update (work-around 
      a,b,c to a0,b0,c0)

Changes in loa 0.2.17 [2014-04-23]

  •   limHandler update (now 
      catches ~0*0, etc) 
  •   draw.zcasePlotKey, draw.loaPlotZKey 
      (now allow list, vector and 
      expression as main)

Changes in loa 0.2.16 [2014-02-17]

  •   panelPal update, ignore not ignored
  •   loaPlot, formulaHandler updates, 
      (for new preprocess method) 

Changes in loa 0.2.15 [2014-01-15]

  •   refinements to loaPlot, panel.binPlot,
      panel.kernelDensity, draw.loaColorKey 
      and draw.loaColorRegionsKey 
      (better alpha/alpha.regions 
  •   refinements to GoogleMap and 
      panelPal (better local scale 
  •   added example data roadmap.meuse 
      (for off-line ?GoogleMap examples)
  •   updated help examples for loaPlot, 
      GoogleMap, trianglePlot
  •   fixes for CRAN submission.

Changes in loa 0.2.14 [2014-01-04]

  •   refinement to draw.loaPlotZKey
      (better alpha/alpha.regions 

Changes in loa 0.2.13 [2013-12-23]

  •   refinement to panel.loaPlot
      (better alpha/alpha.regions 

Changes in loa 0.2.12 [2013-11-11]

  •   refinement to GoogleMap
      (more robust map sizing for single  
      point plots)
      (improve multi-zcase management)

Changes in loa 0.2.11 [2013-09-06]

  •   refinement to formulaHandler
      (improved formula.type)
      (improve multi-zcase management)
  •   update to panel.zcasePiePlot 
  •   minor update to panelPal
  •   geo calculations removed 
      (now in grey.area package)

Changes in loa 0.2.10 [2013-08-11]

  •   refinement to panel.binPlot 
      (added pad.grid argument)
  •   added panel.compareZcases
  •   added screenLatticePlot

Changes in loa 0.2.9 [2013-06-30]

  •   loaPolygon, loaCircle, loaPieSegment added
  •   panel.zcasePiePlot
  •   panel.zcasePieSegmentPlot added
  •   draw.loaColorRegionsKey added
  •   panel.loaPlotGrid added
      (loaPlot(..., grid=T), etc now uses this)
  •   formulaHandler update
      (new options, output and panel.zcases 
  •   colRegionsHandler added
      (colHandler wrapper for use with 
      col.regions arg)
  •   panel.binPlot update
      (now works with plots like GoogleMap 
      with rescaled axes)

Changes in loa 0.2.8 [2013-06-09]

  •   localScalesHandler update 
      (axes col = "transparent" locally overridden 
      when used to hidden panel box)
  •   panel.polar... functions added
      (panel.polarPlot, panel.polarFrame, 
      panel.polarAxes, panel.polarGrids, 
  •   namespace and depends updates
      (MASS added to required packages; 
      now Requires: lattice, Imports others)
  •   loaPlot updates 
      (par.settings uses parHandler directly)
  •   provisional stripHandler added
  •   default cex range changed in cexHandler
  •   GoogleMap update: uses latest PanelPal
      (older version now GoogleMap.old) 
  •   lat.lon.meuse dataset added 

Changes in loa 0.2.7 [2013-05-07]

  •   listUpdate minor update 
      (NULL case error fixed)
  •   draw.loaColorKey added
  •   panel.binPlot added

Changes in loa 0.2.6 [2013-05-06]

  •   panelPal updated 
      (Previous panelPal2 now main version;
      Previous panelPal now panelPal.old)
  •   panel.loaPlot updated 
      (now allows separate group and zcase 
  •   panel.loaPlot added 
  •   group and zcase conditioning rationalised 
      (now using new functions groupsPanelHandler, 
      zcasesPanelHandler and groupsAndZcasesPanelHandler)
  •   color key management updated
      (added keyHandler, and dedicated key functions, 

Changes in loa 0.2.5 [2012-11-22]

  •   added panel.loaPlot function
  •   modifed panelPal2 (to work with 
  •   updated GoogleMap and tianglePlot 
      (to work with improved col and 
      cex Handlers)    

Changes in loa 0.2.4 [2012-11-07]

  •   added loaPlot function
  •   added panelPal2 (as in development 
      alternative to current panelPal)   
  •   added formulaHandler
  •   improved cexHandler and colHandler 
  •   improved panel.kernelDensity

Changes in loa 0.2.3 [2012-07-10]

  •   improved colHandler colorkey/legend 
  •   fixed GoogleMap/layout conflict
  •   added panel.kernelDensity

Changes in loa 0.2.2 [2012-06-25]

  •   renamed googleMap GoogleMap
      and added googlemap wrapper

Changes in loa 0.2.1 [2012-05-05]

  •   added getPlotArgs
  •   improved group argument handling 
      for panelPal
  •   added parHandler      
  •   update to googleMap function 
      getMapArg: better xlim, ylim handling; 
      fixed recolor.amp/nativeRaster conflict

Changes in loa 0.2.0 [2012-02-10]

  •   added trianglePlot function, and 
      associated panel and data handler 
  •   added localScalesHandler for local 
      scale/axis management
  •   added panel.localScale for adding 
      in-panel scales 

Changes in loa 0.1.5 [2012-01-12]

  •   named RgoogleMapWrapper makeMapArg
      and added getMapArg to simplify user 
      map work
  •   reordered args in getXY and getLatLon 
      to simplify typical use

Changes in loa 0.1.4 [2012-01-04]

  •   geoDestination added
  •   update to googleMap and getLatLon
      (map now passed in googleMap output)
      (for access by functions like getLanLon)

Changes in loa 0.1.3 [2011-12-21]

  •   getXY, getLatLon added
  •   geoFrame, geoBearing, geoDistance, 
      geoElevation added

Changes in loa 0.1.2 [2011-12-20]

  •   zHandler added
  •   update to common cond handling of 
      different googleMap panels 
  •   NAMESPACE added

Changes in loa 0.1.1 [2011-12-16]

  •   listUpdate added
  •   googleMaps function set added 
      (these supersede googleMapsPlot set)

Changes in loa 0.1 [2011-12-14]

  •   First packaging 
  •   cexHandler, colHandler added

Reference manual

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install.packages("loa") by Karl Ropkins, 9 months ago

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Authors: Karl Ropkins

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports methods, MASS, grid, png, RgoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap, sp, rgdal, RColorBrewer, mgcv, plyr

Depends on lattice

Depended on by pems.utils.

Suggested by RgoogleMaps.

See at CRAN