An R Client for the 'FRED' API

An R client for the 'Federal Reserve Economic Data' ('FRED') API <>. Functions to retrieve economic time series and other data from 'FRED'.

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fredr provides a complete set of R bindings to the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) RESTful API, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The functions allow the user to search for and fetch time series observations as well as associated metadata within the FRED database. The core functions are

  • fredr_set_key() - Set the required FRED API key for the session.
  • fredr() or fredr_series_observations() - Fetch a FRED series.
  • fredr_series_search_text() - Search for a FRED series by text.
  • fredr_request() - Send a general request to the FRED API.

Objects are returned as tibbles. The user is strongly encouraged to read the full FRED API documentation to leverage the full power of fredr and the FRED API.



To get the development version of the package:

# install.packages("devtools")


See the Get started article.


See the documentation site.

See Also

There are several existing R packages designed for the FRED API:


fredr 1.0.0

Initial release for CRAN. All endpoint functions for the FRED API are now implemented as functions in fredr.

Breaking changes

  • fredr() -> fredr_request() (#46)
  • fredr_series() -> fredr_series_observations() (alias: fredr()) (alias: fredr()) now returns a tibble (with observation date, series ID, and values columns) instead of a time series object (#46, #49).
  • Remove dependencies dplyr and xts (#9).
  • fred_set_key() no longer modifies .Renviron. User is encouraged to manually change .Renviron to persistently set FRED API key (#15).
  • Explicit parameters and parameter checking for all functions (#20).
  • Split fredr_search() into
    • fredr_series_search_text() (search for series by text description)
    • fredr_series_search_text() (search for series)
    • fredr_series_search_tags() (search for series tags)
    • fredr_series_search_related_tags() (search for related tags)

New functions

Categories (#21)

  • fredr_category() Get a FRED category
  • fredr_category_children() Get the child categories for a specified FRED parent category
  • fredr_category_related() Get the related categories for a FRED category.
  • fredr_category_related_tags() Get the related FRED tags within a category
  • fredr_category_series() Get the series in a category
  • fredr_category_tags() Get the FRED tags for a category

Releases (#22)

  • fredr_release() Get a release of economic data
  • fredr_release_dates() Get release dates for a single release of economic data
  • fredr_release_related_tags() Get the related FRED tags for one or more FRED tags within a release
  • fredr_release_series() Get the series on a release of economic data
  • fredr_release_sources() Get the sources for a release of economic data
  • fredr_release_tables() Get release table trees for a given release
  • fredr_release_tags() Get the FRED tags for a release
  • fredr_releases() Get all releases of economic data
  • fredr_releases_dates() Get release dates for all releases of economic data.

Series (#23)

  • fredr_series() Return basic information for a FRED series.
  • fredr_series_categories() Get the categories for a FRED series
  • fredr_series_release() Get the release for a FRED series
  • fredr_series_tags() Get the tags for a FRED series
  • fredr_series_updates() Get a set of recently updated FRED series
  • fredr_series_vintagedates() Get the data vintage dates for a FRED series

Sources (#24)

  • fredr_source() Get a source of economic data
  • fredr_source_releases() Get the releases for a source
  • fredr_sources() Get all sources of economic data

Tags (#25)

  • fredr_tags() Get FRED series tags
  • fredr_related_tags() Get related FRED tags given one or more tags
  • fredr_tags_series() Find FRED series matching tag names

Other new features

  • Include brief endpoint descriptions in data frame fredr_endpoints
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added a usage vignettes (#11, #41).

fredr 0.3.0

Breaking changes

  • fredr_series now returns an xts object.

fredr 0.2.0

Breaking changes

Function names conform to fredr_*

  • api_docs is now fredr_docs
  • set_api_key is now fredr_key

fredr 0.1.0

Initial release

fredr combines tools like dplyr and httr to provide a flexible but powerful wrapper for the FRED API.

  • Convenience functions fredr_search() and fredr_series() for most commonly used FRED API features.
  • Execute more general queries using the backbone function fredr()
  • Bring up web documentation from the R environment with api_docs()

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.


2.1.0 by Sam Boysel, 10 months ago

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Authors: Sam Boysel [aut, cre] , Davis Vaughan [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Time Series Analysis

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports httr, jsonlite, rlang, tibble

Suggests covr, dplyr, ggplot2, knitr, purrr, rmarkdown, testthat, xts, zoo

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