Distance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures

Simple computation of spatial statistic functions of distance to characterize the spatial structures of mapped objects, following Marcon, Traissac, Puech, and Lang (2015) . Includes classical functions (Ripley's K and others) and more recent ones used by spatial economists (Duranton and Overman's Kd, Marcon and Puech's M). Relies on 'spatstat' for some core calculation.

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dbmss is an R package for simple computation of spatial statistic functions of distance to characterize the spatial structures of mapped objects, including classical ones (Ripley's K and others) and more recent ones used by spatial economists (Duranton and Overman's Kd, Marcon and Puech's M). Relies on spatstat for some core calculation.


A quick introduction is in vignette("docs", "dbmss").

A full documentation is available in section section of the same vignette (Reference Guide). It is a continuous update of the paper published in the Journal of Statistical Software (Marcon et al., 2015).


Marcon, E., Traissac, S., Puech, F. and Lang, G. (2015). Tools to Characterize Point Patterns: dbmss for R. Journal of Statistical Software. 67(3): 1-15.


Changes in dbmss version 2.6-3


  • More robust check of arguments.
  • Rcpp >= 0.12.14 required. init.c no longer necessary.
  • Introduction vignette.
  • On Travis and codecov.io now.
  • NEWS in Markdown.
  • wmppp() accepts characters in PointType. A PointName column is searched to set the row names of the marks.

Bug fixes

  • wmppp() failed if some point laid outside the window.

Changes in dbmss version 2.5-1

New features

  • On GitHub now.
  • Individual values of m and M available from Mhat and mhat with argument Individual.
  • Point names can be specified as row names of the dataframe passed to wmppp(). They are preserved in the fv object returned by individual Mhat and mhat to identify points more easily.


  • Far less memory is used to compute M and approximated m functions. The ratio of necessary memory equals that of the number of reference points to the total number of points.
  • [.wmppp function added to spatstat generics

Changes in dbmss version 2.4-1


  • Declaration of the required versions of R and spatstat in DESCRIPTION to avoid error in CRAN test on oldrel Windows platform.

Changes in dbmss version 2.4-0

External changes

  • Updates in the spatstat package: dbmss has been updated to address the creation of spatstat.util.

Internal changes

  • C routines registration to comply with R 3.4 policy.
  • Explicit export of all non-internal functions instead of exportPattern("^[[:alpha:]]+").
  • Import of package cubature reduced to function adaptIntegrate().

Changes in dbmss version 2.3-0

Internal changes

  • Enforcement of the use of C++11 to avoid warnings due to RcppParallel.

Changes in dbmss version 2.2-5

Significant user-visible changes

  • Distance matrices can be used instead of point patterns in Mhat, mhat and Kdhat and their envelopes.
  • The estimation of density used by Kd now includes reflection: the estimation of Kd is more accurate than before, but values may vary from previous versions close to the minimum distance.
  • LazyData is used to save memory.

Bug fixes

  • Weighted argument was ignored in Kdhat (bug introduced in v.2.2-4). Fixed.

Changes in dbmss version 2.2-4

Significant user-visible changes

  • Mhat and mhat C++ code is now parallelized thanks to RcppParallel.
  • Small performance improvement of Kdhat (around 5% faster).

Changes in dbmss version 2.2-3

Significant user-visible changes

  • Updated CITATION: the paper about this package has been published: Eric Marcon, Stephane Traissac, Florence Puech, Gabriel Lang (2015). Tools to Characterize Point Patterns: dbmss for R. Journal of Statistical Software, 67(3), 1-15.

Changes in dbmss version 2.2-2

Minor change

  • Intervals of estimation of the Kd function are narrower when the distance range is small with respect to the window to improve precision.

Bug fix

  • Distances pairs more than twice the maximum value of r where ignored when using the approximate estimation of Kd, so Kd was overestimated when r was smaller than usual (much less than the default values). Corrected.

Changes in dbmss version 2.2-1

Bug fixes

  • Adjust argument ignored in Kdhat. Fixed.

Changes in dbmss version 2.2-0

Significant user-visible changes

  • m function added.
  • Default value Controls=NULL for Dhat: controls are by default all points except for cases.
  • Kd and m are both computed by default up to one third of the diameter of the window, other options are added.
  • Original and Adjust arguments allow to change the default bandwith used by Kd and m.

Minor change

  • Typo in internal function name FillEnveloppe corrected: FillEnvelope is the new name.

Changes in dbmss version 2.1-2

Significant user-visible changes

  • Default neighbor type for Khat and Kenvelope is the same as reference type instead of "".
  • Kd estimation now accepts "" as reference type to use all points.
  • Approximate argument to calculate Kd on big data sets with little RAM.

Bug fixes

  • FillEnvelope returned wrong quantiles for local confidence intervals. Fixed.

Changes in dbmss version 2.1-1

Significant user-visible changes

  • Global confidence intervals are now defined even when NA values are found in the simulations.
  • Kd is computed by default up to the median (instead of mean) distance between points.

Bug fixes

  • Kdhat with Reference and Neighbor points of different types was calculated with only half of point pairs and sometimes crashed R. Fixed.

Changes in dbmss version 2.1-0

Significant user-visible changes

  • Kdhat and M are computed through C++ loops instead of spatstat pairdist(). Much faster, and uses far less memory.

Changes in dbmss version 2.0-6

Significant user-visible changes

  • Kdhat and M propose a default value for argument r.
  • Vignette added.

Minor change

  • Kdhat probability density estimation is cut at the lowest distance between points instead of 0.

Changes in dbmss version 2.0-5

Bug fixes

  • Kdhat with Reference and Neighbor points of the same type and Weighted=TRUE returned an error. Fixed.

Changes in dbmss version 2.0-3


  • Minor corrections, mainly comments and formating.

Changes in dbmss version 2.0-0


  • Most code rewritten.

Significant user-visible changes

  • Names of functions X.r became Xhat.
  • Point patterns are now of class wmppp.
  • Results are of class fv, envelopes of class envelope.

Changes in dbmss version 1.2-5


  • NEWS file added.

Changes in dbmss version 1.2-4


  • Documentation format improved.

Significant user-visible changes

  • The default behavior of Kd is that of Duranton and Overman (2005). An optional parameter is added to used improved bandwith selection.

Bug fixes

  • The density estimation of Kd was run twice. Fixed.

Changes in dbmss version 1.2-3

## Overview

  • First version on CRAN. Versions 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 contain faster examples to follow CRAN requirements.

Changes in dbmss version 1.2-1

## Overview

  • Kinhom function added.

Changes in dbmss version 1.1

## Overview

  • First version.

Reference manual

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2.7-4 by Eric Marcon, a month ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/EricMarcon/dbmss/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/dbmss

Authors: Eric Marcon [aut, cre] , Gabriel Lang [aut] , Stephane Traissac [aut] , Florence Puech [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

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GNU General Public License license

Imports cubature, reshape2, stats, RcppParallel, spatstat.utils, tibble

Depends on spatstat.core, spatstat.geom, Rcpp, ggplot2

Suggests testthat, knitr, pkgdown

Linking to Rcpp, RcppParallel

System requirements: pandoc, GNU make

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