Export R Objects to Several Markup Languages

Coerce R object to 'asciidoc', 'txt2tags', 'restructuredText', 'org', 'textile' or 'pandoc' syntax. Package comes with a set of drivers for 'Sweave'.



* major internal change: use Reference Classes instead of +proto+. +proto+ dependancy has been dropped
* +Report$export+ replaced by +Report$create+ (+export+ is a method already inherited in all Reference instances)
* add +plim+ format to format p-values
* +cbind.ascii+ now accepts any number of ascii objects
* fix +cbind.ascii+ with pandoc
* fix +ascii.mtable+ when +summary.stats = FALSE+
* fix bug in textile caption
* update all Sweave drivers to reflect changes in R, cacheSweave and weaver package

  • +ext+ option is replaced by +format+
  • add a method for mtable objects (memisc package)


* R >= 2.13 required
* refactor all Sweave drivers to fix a bug with keep.source = TRUE

  • fix another bug with mac: now open files with command 'open'
  • method for stat.table objects (package Epi)


* fix another bug with mac: now open files with command 'open'
* method for stat.table objects (package Epi)

  • fix a bug with mac (was recognized as windows)
  • exportation options can be set directly in Report$export()
  • add a new special object/function for reporting : verbatim(), to create a verbatim environment
  • add the ability to save a recordedplot, a lattice plot or a ggplot. graph() function is renamed fig() for the occasion
  • add helpers inside the class Report: Report$addSection(), Report$addParagraph(), Report$addVerbatim(), Report$addFig()


* export and Report functions: use asciidoc, a2x, txt2tags, pandoc or markdown2pdf to export R objects to files
* pandoc support (thanks to Matti Pastell)
* add ability to change opening and closing text of chunk (Sweave option +begin+ and +end+)
* l/r/t/bgroup with org and t2t
* align support with t2t

  • add +weaver+ and +cacheSweave+ based drivers for all markups.


* Fix bug with one row table and factors

  • Fix digits


* Fix bug in org export: +\vert+ replace +\|+

  • main functions rewritten: it should be easier to add new markup
  • add dimnames in +ascii.table()+
  • +style+, +align+ and +valign+ accept matrix
  • +t/b/l/rgroup+ accept several groups (in a list)
  • +header+ and +footer+ accept an integer (number of lines for the header)
  • +t/b/l/rstyle+ can be "h" (for "header")
  • +caption+, +caption.level+, +align+, +valign+, +style+, +frame+, +grid+ have +NULL+ default value
  • +'nice'+ format: 0 digits if integer


* textile support
* fix a bug in asciidoc labeled list, when labels begin with a number
* fix bug with RweaveDrivers when split = TRUE

  • method for +survfit+ and +summary.survfit+ objects
  • fix bug in +ascii.CrossTable+ when no test result
  • fix extra spaces in org output when style = "s" or "m"


* fix several bugs in +ascii.freqtable+ and +ascii.meanscomp+
* fix several bugs in asciidoc table header

  • version 0.4
  • remove extra +\n+ when there is no R output
  • change the name of Sphinx related functions to ReST
  • add methods for +freq()+, +compmeans()+ and +CrossTable()+ in package +descr+
  • remove +cgroup+ and +rgroup+ arguments in +ascii()+ function
  • four new arguments : +tgroup+ (top), +bgroup+ (bottom), +lgroup+ (left) and +rgroup+ (right)
  • new arguments +escape+ and +list.escape+ in +print.ascii()+ function


* "results=ascii" for all drivers
* method for +ftable+ objects
* method for +packageDescription+ objects
* method for +sessionInfo+ objects
* fix warning with asciidoc list output

  • small bug fix


* version 0.3
* +list.type+ can be +"label"+
* +ascii.simple.list+ method
* +rownames+ and +colnames+ arguments
* +cgroup+ for txt2tags output
* improve col alignment in txt2tags output
* http://sphinx.pocoo.org/[sphinx] driver and output
* http://orgmode.org/[org] driver and output
* improve row and col span (cgroup and rgroup)
* remove +SweaveAscii()+ function
* +Asciidoc()+, +T2t()+, +Sphinx()+ and +Org()+ (wrapper for +Sweave("file.Rnw", RweaveXxx)+)

  • version 0.2
  • digit and format accept matrix, (each cell can have its own number of digits a nd format)
  • new arguments (+cgroup+, +rgroup+, ...) to define major column and row heading s like in Hmisc::latex() (only for asciidoc output)
  • column style and alignment use cell specifiers
  • remove SweaveSyntaxAscii (bug when +]+ is used inside +Sexpr:[]+)


* +\SweaveOpts{}+ now works
* add +SweaveSyntaxAscii+ (+SweaveOpts:[]+, +Sexpr:[]+) 
* add a simple wrapper for +Sweave()+ (+SweaveAscii()+) that use +RweaveAsciidoc+ and +SweaveSyntaxAscii+ as default

  • add a +caption.level+ argument
  • improve +ascii.describe+ output (package +Hmisc+)


* update DESCRIPTION (with homepage)
* support for +describe+ function in package +Hmisc+

Reference manual

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2.4 by Mark Clements, a year ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/mclements/ascii/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/ascii

Authors: David Hajage [aut] , Mark Clements [cre, ctb] , Seth Falcon [ctb] , Terry Therneau [ctb] , Matti Pastell [ctb] , Friedrich Leisch [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Reproducible Research

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports utils, digest, codetools, survival, stats, grDevices

Depends on methods

Suggests Hmisc, xtable, R2HTML, knitr

Imported by microsimulation.

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