Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Toolbox for remote sensing image processing and analysis such as calculating spectral indices, principal component transformation, unsupervised and supervised classification or fractional cover analyses.

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RStoolbox is an R package providing a wide range of tools for your every-day remote sensing processing needs. The available tool-set covers many aspects from data import, pre-processing, data analysis, image classification and graphical display. RStoolbox builds upon the raster package, which makes it suitable for processing large data-sets even on smaller workstations. Moreover in most parts decent support for parallel processing is implemented.

For more details have a look at the functions overview.


The package is now on CRAN and can be installed as usual via


To install the latest version from GitHub you need to have r-base-dev (Linux) or Rtools (Windows) installed. Then run the following lines:



RStoolbox 0.2.4


  • function oneHotEncode: splits a single rasterLayer into multiple layers (one per class) with one-hot encoding, i.e. pixel value = 1 for matches, pixel value = 0 for all other classes (background).
  • ggR() can now display more than one layer. Each layer can be plotted to a subplot in a multi-panel grafic.
  • encodeQA(), decodeQA() and classifyQA() can now deal with the new QA format introduced with Landsat Collection data. Legacy QA designations can still be interpreted by setting the legacy argument.
  • new predict() method for unsupervised classification models (unsuperClass).


  • all radCor DOS methods now work for Landsat 8 OLI


  • fix unsuperClass for algorithms other than Hartigan-Wong (reported by Alex Ilich)

RStoolbox 0.2.2


  • added tasseledCap coefficients for Quickbird, Spot5 and RapidEye


  • readEE 'Date' column is now returned as POSIXct instead of POSIXlt


  • corrected tasseledCap coefficient for Landsat 5 TM (#40, reported by @philipperufin)

RStoolbox 0.2.1


  • fixed non-portable c++ headers

RStoolbox 0.2.0


  • function mesma for spectral unmixing (#33, provided by Jakob Schwalb-Willmann)


  • improved NA handling and faster implementation of mlc classifier (#32, pull request by Neal Fultz)
  • adapt to upcoming caret version (new constraint caret >= 6.0-79)

RStoolbox 0.1.10


  • fix tests for upcoming raster version

RStoolbox 0.1.9


  • adapt to new caret version
  • fix readEE for new EarthExplorer formats
  • corrected sign of greenness tasseledCap coefficient for Landsat5 TM band 1 (reported by Thomas Day)
  • adapt readMeta and stackMeta to new Landsat collection 1 metadata

RStoolbox 0.1.8


  • spectralIndices() can now apply a mask internally, e.g. to exclude cloud pixels. New arguments are: maskLayer and maskValue (suggested by Andrea Hess).
  • added spectral index GNDWI


  • update readEE() to deal with new EarthExplorer export columns (reported by Christian Bauer)

RStoolbox 0.1.7


  • spectralIndices() has a new argument skipRefCheck, which skips the heuristic check for reflectance-like values [0,1] which is run if EVI/EVI2 are requested. This can be usefull if clouds with reflectance > 1.5 are part of the image.
  • superClass() now returns the geometries which were used for validation, e.g. polygons (under $validation$geometry) and also the exact samples taken for validation including cell number and coordinates ($validation$validationSamples)
  • added example data-set for spectral library see ?readSLI
  • increased overall test coverage


  • ESUN lookup tables for radCor() are adjusted to match current USGS recommendations from:
  • spectralIndices() swir wavelength ranges are now defined consistently and correctly. Bands formerly provided as swir1 (version <1.7.0) should now (>=1.7.0) be provided as swir2 and former swir2 as swir3 respectively (see docu). The actual calculations were correct, but the naming was off.


  • fix ggR() and ggRGB() in annotation mode (default). No image was drawn and excessive memory allocation requested (= RStudio crash) (reported by Christian Walther)
  • fix spectralIndices() documentation for NDWI. Formula was based on McFeeters1996 but attributed to Gao1996. Now there is NDWI (McFeeters) and NDWI2 (Gao) (reported by Christian Bauer)
  • estimateHaze() now ensures correct histogram order, which could be off when raster had to read from disk (reported by Xavier Bailleau).
  • readMeta() now makes concise bandnames also for Landsat Collection MTL files.
  • fix radCor() for Landsat 4 TM (reported by Thomas Day)
  • classifyQA() confidence layer for type='water' now correctly returns only confidence levels in [1,3]
  • enable reading ENVI plot files in ASCII mode with readSLI()


  • spectralIndices() index LSWI has been deprecated, as it is identical with the now available NDWI2.

RStoolbox 0.1.6


  • fix import issue: replace deprecated export from caret

RStoolbox 0.1.5


  • If the bandSet argument in radCor() is used to process only a subset of bands it will no longer return unprocessed bands along with processed bands. Instead only processed bands are returned.
  • By default superClass() will now use dataType = 'INT2S' for classification maps to avoid issues with raster NA handling in INT1U
  • Allow reading and importing from Landsat MSS MTL files with readMeta() and stackMeta() (@aszeitz, #7)


  • fix readMeta time-stamp conversion now correctly set to GMT time (@mraraju, #12)
  • radCor caused R to crash if bandSet was a single band
  • fix single RasterLayer capability for superClass
  • spectralIndices now calculates all documented indices if specified to do so (@mej1d1, #6)
  • unsuperClass predicted map now handles NAs properly
  • pifMatch did not return adjusted image (@tmb3006, #13)


  • argument norm was dropped from rasterPCA, because it was effectively a duplicate of the standardized pca (spca) argument in the same function.

RStoolbox 0.1.4


  • new function validateMap() for assessing map accuracy separately from model fitting, e.g. after majority or MMU filtering
  • new function getValidation() to extract specific validation results of superClass objects (proposed by James Duffy)
  • new spectral index NDVIc (proposed by Jeff Evans)
  • new argument scaleFactor for spectralIndices() for calculation of EVI/EVI2 based on scaled reflectance values.
  • implemented dark object subtraction radCor(..,method='sdos') for Landsat 8 data (@BayAludra, #4)


  • superClass based on polygons now considers only pixels which have their center coordinate within a polygon
  • rasterCVA now returns angles from 0 to 360° instead of 0:45 by quadrant (reported by Martin Wegmann)
  • improved dark object DN estimation based on maximum slope of the histogram in estimateHaze (@BayAludra, #4)


  • superClass failed when neither valData or trainPartition was specified. regression introduced in 0.1.3 (reported by Anna Stephani)
  • spectralIndices valid value range of EVI/EVI2 now [-1,1]
  • radCor returned smallest integer instead of NA for some NA pixels
  • fix 'sdos' for non-contiguous bands in radCor (@BayAludra, #4)

RStoolbox 0.1.3


  • new logical argument predict for superClass. Disables prediction of full raster (validation is still conducted).
  • new generic predict() function for superClass objects. Useful to separate model training and prediction.
  • new example data set (landcover training polygons) for lsat example data under /extdata/trainingPolygons.rds


  • fix histMatch for single layers (affected also 'ihs' pan-sharpening)
  • fix superClass validation sampling for factors (character based factors could lead to wrong factor conversions and wrong validation results)
  • improved handling of of training polygons with overlaps and shared borders in superClass
  • improved checks and error messages for insufficient training polygons

RStoolbox 0.1.2

New: New model for superClass: maximum likelihood classification (model = "mlc")


  • Restrict calculation of EVI/EVI2 to reflectance data (#3)
  • Enforce valid value ranges in radCor: radiance: [0,+Inf], reflectance: [0,1]. Includes a new argument clamp to turn this on or off (on by default).

RStoolbox 0.1.1

Added kernlab to suggested packages to be able to test \donttest{} examples

RStoolbox 0.1.0

Initial release to CRAN (2015-09-05) with the following functions:

  • classifyQA()
  • cloudMask()
  • cloudShadowMask()
  • coregisterImages()
  • decodeQA()
  • encodeQA()
  • estimateHaze()
  • fortify.raster()
  • fCover()
  • getMeta()
  • ggR()
  • ggRGB()
  • histMatch()
  • ImageMetaData()
  • normImage()
  • panSharpen()
  • pifMatch()
  • radCor()
  • rasterCVA()
  • rasterEntropy()
  • rasterPCA()
  • readEE()
  • readMeta()
  • readRSTBX()
  • readSLI()
  • rescaleImage()
  • rsOpts()
  • sam()
  • saveRSTBX()
  • spectralIndices()
  • stackMeta()
  • superClass()
  • tasseledCap()
  • topCor()
  • unsuperClass()
  • writeSLI()

Included example data sets:

  • data(srtm)
  • data(lsat)
  • data(rlogo)

Reference manual

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0.2.6 by Benjamin Leutner, 2 years ago,

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Authors: Benjamin Leutner [cre, aut] , Ned Horning [aut] , Jakob Schwalb-Willmann [aut] , Robert J. Hijmans [ctb]

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GPL (>= 3) license

Imports raster, caret, sp, XML, geosphere, ggplot2, reshape2, rgeos, rgdal, codetools, parallel, doParallel, foreach, Rcpp, methods

Suggests randomForest, kernlab, e1071, gridExtra, pls, testthat

Linking to Rcpp, RcppArmadillo

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Suggested by PlanetNICFI, fieldRS, spatialEco.

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