Provides Access to Databases Through the JDBC Interface

The RJDBC package is an implementation of R's DBI interface using JDBC as a back-end. This allows R to connect to any DBMS that has a JDBC driver.


0.2-7 2018-01-24 * cosmetic changes to appease CRAN

0.2-6 2018-01-05 * move java-src to java

*	add schema= argument to dbGetTables() and dbListTables()

*	support vectorized version of dbSendUpdate() which uses
batch-inserts for more efficient loading. Note that only
prepared statements work for now.

*	use column labels instead of names (#36)

*	dbColumnInfo() will return the column label in `name' and
column name in `' (which is optional, for

0.2-5 2014-12-18 * fix bug in dbUnloadDriver() returning NULL instead of FALSE

*	added block argument to fetch() currently defaulting to 2048
which controls the fetch size.
Note that 0.2-4 has set this to the stride which was much too
big for some databases therefore it is now configurable.
(issue #10)

*	recover if setFetchSize() fails since some drivers don't take
it as a hint and fail regardless (issue #11)

0.2-4 2014-06-26 * set fetch size to match the capacity for better performance with some drivers. (thanks Jesse Rohland)

*	close DB objects explicitly (issue #4) to avoid Oracle DB
running out of resources

*	add support for dbHasCompleted() even in older DBI versions

0.2-3 2013-12-12 * fix duplicate connection object (issue #1)

0.2-2 2013-12-03 * add dbGetTables() and dbGetFields() which are similar to dbListTable() and dbListFields() but return a full data frame as obtained from the corresponding JDBC calls.

*	add support for stored procedure call JDBC syntax.
Currently only IN parameters are supported since
DBI doesn't provide a way to retrieve OUT parameters.

*	JDBC now uses path.expand() on the classPath components

0.2-1 2012-11-30 * add support for dbWriteTable(..., append=TRUE)

*	pass any additional arguments to dbConnect() as properties to
the connection

*	use prepared statements only if parameters are passed,
otherwise use simple statements (this allows to work around
bugs in	drivers that do not support prepared statements

*	dbGetQuery() explicitly closes the statement before it returns
to work arround issues in the Teradata driver.

0.2-0 2011-05-16 * use Java code to fetch results -- it should result in much higher throughput in pulling result sets from the database. It is also more efficient to use fetch() with n specified (especially if you know it in advance) than relying on n = -1. The latter will try first run with n = 32k and then continue with n = 512k chunks and paste the results which is inherently slow (still much faster than the 0.1-x way which was fetching one record at a time).

0.1-6 2011-03-09 * fix a typo in dbClearResult

*	map NAs in query parameters into NULLs
(thanks to Axel Klenk)

*	explicitly close statements right away (Oracle seems to need this)
(thanks to Axel Klenk)

*	add "stat" slot (Statement object) to JDBCResult class to make sure
the statement lives long enough to not close the result set

*	convert NULLs into NAs in numeric columns

0.1-5 2007-10-01 * instantiate driver's class and use a call to 'connect' as a fall-back if the DriverManager fails to find a proper driver.

*	fix SQL syntax in dbWriteTable (superfluous semicolon)

*	fix a typo in prepared statement code
(thanks to Carl Grant for the last two bugfixes)

0.1-4 2007-03-05 * added SQL error information to most JDBC errors

*	use .jfindClass to load drivers

0.1-3 2007-02-21 * remove beforeFirst() as some DBMS don't like it. This also allows a sequential use of fetch() with a limit to load data in chunks.

*	fix a bug that caused NULL entries in string columns to fail
in fetch()

0.1-2 2007-01-23 * fix dbDisconnect return value and update manuals

0.1-1 2007-01-17 * added pre-compiled statements and proper dbWriteTable

0.1-0 (not released) * drop pgsql access, switch to DBI

0.0-3 2006-03-05 * add direct insert support for pgsql

0.0-2 2005-10-12 * added converson of tables to data.frames

0.0-1 2005-05-02 * added type conversion (int, double, string)

0.0-0 2004-11-02 * first public release

Reference manual

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0.2-8 by Simon Urbanek, 2 years ago

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Authors: Simon Urbanek <[email protected]>

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Depends on methods, DBI, rJava

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