DBI/RJDBC Interface to H2 Database

DBI/RJDBC interface to h2 database. h2 version 1.3.175 is included.


DBI/RJDBC interface to h2 database. h2 version 1.3.175 is included.


David M. Kaplan

Installation of latest version via github

The latest development version of RH2 can be installed directly from github using the devtools R package. First that package needs to be installed:


Once this is done, one can install the development version with:


Replace "master" with another branch, tag or commit to obtain a different version of the package.


Version 0.2.4

o Fixing some documentation issues to meet new CRAN standards. o Correcting signature definition for dbWriteTable method.

Version 0.2.3

o Added importFrom for rJava commands used and added java/README to explain where to find H2 sources.

Version 0.2.2

o Changed maintainer email address to gmail.

Version 0.2.1

o Removed print statement from fetch method

Version 0.2

o David M. Kaplan becomes maintainer o New fetch method that should be considerably quicker for large datasets


o bug fix for handling NULL values (David Kaplan)


o dbWriteTable has temporary argument to create a temporary table


o fixed incompatibility with RJDBC that was introduced in RJDBC 0.2-1


o NAMESPACE file added

o H2 upgraded to 1.3.170

Version 0.1-2.8

o H2 upgraded to 1.3.162

Version 0.1-2.7

o bug fix. Certain NULL values returned from database now correctly interpreted as NA.

o H2 upgraded to 1.3.160

Version 0.1-2.6

o corrected typo in DESCRIPTION file

Version 0.1-2.5

o H2 upgraded to 1.3.158

Version 0.1-2.4

o H2 has a jars argument that can be used to pass the jar for an alternate version of H2. By default it uses the value of the option "RH2.jars" or the H2 jar that comes with RH2 if that option is not specified. e.g. options(RH2.jars = "c:/tmp2/h2-1.3.155.jar")

o dbConnect has a DATABASE_TO_UPPER argument. If FALSE then identifiers are not automatically translated to upper case. It defaults to option "RH2.DATABASE_TO_UPPER" or if that is not set it defaults to FALSE. (The undocumented h2.identifiersToUpper java parameter that was supported on earlier versions of H2 for this purpose is no longer used by H2.)

o h2_1.3.155.jar is included in RH2

Version 0.1-2.3

o minor bug fixes

Version 0.1-2.1

o minor bug fixes

Version 0.1-2

o Date, times (from chron) and POSIXct classes now supported as DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP column types respectively

o new dependence on chron package to support times

Version 0.1-1

o bug fixes

Version 0.1-0

o initial release

Reference manual

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0.2.4 by David M. Kaplan, 4 years ago


Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/RH2

Authors: G. Grothendieck. Author of h2 is Thomas Mueller.

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Databases with R

Mozilla Public License 1.1 license

Depends on chron, methods, RJDBC, rJava

System requirements: java runtime

Suggested by sqldf.

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