Fit Projected 2D Profiles to Galaxy Images

Get data / Define model / ??? / Profit! 'ProFit' is a Bayesian galaxy fitting tool that uses a fast 'C++' image generation library and a flexible interface to a large number of likelihood samplers.


Latest version is always on GitHub at ICRAR/ProFit. Noted which version is on CRAN.


Moved some vignettes to inst/vignettes-nonCRAN make things CRAN complient.


FEATURE: Some more code is now pushed across to libprofit, especially on the fine sampling and padding side.

FIXED: Some build issues flagged by CRAN.


FIXED: Replaced R2CUBA with cubature since R2CUBA is being removed from CRAN.


FIXED: Vignettes to not run ProFound (and by proxy EBImage, which is not supported by CRAN now).


FEATURE: Added OpenCL support

v1.0 First released on CRAN & GitHub


FEATURE: You can now directly specify the region to use for fitting in profitSetupData (before it always used a combination of segim and mask, which it will use if this is not provided). Old code will work as before. Argument order has changed to accommodate.

CHANGE: profitRemakeModelList -> profitRemakeModellist (to be more consistent with how modellist is named throughout ProFit).

FEATURE: profitRemakeModellist can now take Data as an input for simplicity.

FIXED: Solaris issue with gauss.cpp.

FIXED: profitMakePlots so the region is shown correctly.


CHANGE: Minor internal naming changes.

FIXED: Occassional issue with profitMakePlots failing for certain region over-plots.

FIXED: Intervals now work properly with the PSF model.


FEATURE: GPU support via OpenCL (see vignettes).

FEATURE: OpenMP support (see vignettes).

Some minor mixes.


FEATURE: A large number of utility functions added to aid in creating inputs for profitSetupData. In particular profitMakeSegim and profitMakeSegimExpand (for segmenting an image and making a segim map, this requires EBImage to be installed), profitSkyEst (for estimating the sky), profitGainEst (for estimating the gain), profitMakeSigma (for making a sigma map), and profitImBlur / profitImGrad / profitImDiff for transforming images. Also profitSkyEstLoc (local sky) and profitMakeSkyMap (coarse sky map generator) and profitMakeSkyGrid (fine sky map generator). Various very short utility functions added.

FEATURE: profitDeprojectImageEllipse for circularising galaxies.

FEATURE: Added new vignettes on making segmentation maps, sigma maps, and the Full Monty of estimating all ProFit inputs from just image pixel data.

FIXED: profitMakeGaussianPSF had a mistake with the fwhm parameter (the radius it created was x2 too big). This was reported by Sarah Casura


FFTW integration within libprofit

Reference manual

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1.3.3 by Aaron Robotham, 2 years ago

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Authors: Aaron Robotham [aut, cre] , Dan Taranu [aut] , Rodrigo Tobar [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

LGPL-3 license

Imports cubature, RColorBrewer, LaplacesDemon, methods, celestial, checkmate

Depends on FITSio, magicaxis

Suggests fftw, knitr, rmarkdown, ProFound, sn

Suggested by ProFound.

See at CRAN