Packages by Peter Solymos

PVAClone — 0.1-6

Population Viability Analysis with Data Cloning

ResourceSelection — 0.3-5

Resource Selection (Probability) Functions for Use-Availability Data

bSims — 0.3-0

Bird Point Count Simulator

dclone — 2.3-0

Data Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods

dcmle — 0.3-1

Hierarchical Models Made Easy with Data Cloning

detect — 0.4-5

Analyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error

intrval — 0.1-2

Relational Operators for Intervals

mefa — 3.2-8

Multivariate Data Handling in Ecology and Biogeography

mefa4 — 0.3-9

Multivariate Data Handling with S4 Classes and Sparse Matrices

opticut — 0.1-2

Likelihood Based Optimal Partitioning and Indicator Species Analysis

pbapply — 1.6-0

Adding Progress Bar to '*apply' Functions

sharx — 1.0-5

Models and Data Sets for the Study of Species-Area Relationships