Packages by Sigbert Klinke

HKRbook — 0.1.3

Apps and Data for the Book "Introduction to Statistics"

abbreviate — 0.1

Readable String Abbreviation

andrews — 1.1.2

Various Andrews Curves

demoShiny — 0.1

Runs a 'Shiny' App as Demo or Lists All Demo 'Shiny' Apps

listArray — 0.1.1

Incomplete Array with Arbitrary R Objects as Indices

mmstat4 — 0.2.0

Access to Teaching Materials from a ZIP File or GitHub

plot.matrix — 1.6.2

Visualizes a Matrix as Heatmap

rmdwc — 0.3.0

Count Words, Chars and Non-Whitespace Chars in R Markdown Docs

rscc — 0.2.1

R Source Code Similarity Evaluation by Variable/Function Names

smvgraph — 0.1.2

Various Multivariate Graphics with Variable Choice in Shiny Apps

stranslate — 0.1.3

Simple Translation Between Different Languages