Packages by Jan Wijffels

BTM — 0.3.1

Biterm Topic Models for Short Text

ETLUtils — 1.5

Utility Functions to Execute Standard Extract/Transform/Load Operations (using Package 'ff') on Large Data

Myrrix — 1.2

Interface to Myrrix. Myrrix is a Complete, Real-Time, Scalable Clustering and Recommender System, Evolved from Apache Mahout

Myrrixjars — 1.0-2

R/Myrrix Interface Jars

RMOA — 1.0.1

Connect R with MOA for Massive Online Analysis

RMOAjars — 1.0.1

External jars Required for Package RMOA

crfsuite — 0.3.2

Conditional Random Fields for Labelling Sequential Data in Natural Language Processing

cronR — 0.4.0

Schedule R Scripts and Processes with the 'cron' Job Scheduler

dlib — 1.0.3

Allow Access to the 'Dlib' C++ Library

image.CannyEdges — 0.1.0

Implementation of the Canny Edge Detector for Images

image.ContourDetector — 0.1.0

Implementation of the Unsupervised Smooth Contour Line Detection for Images

image.CornerDetectionF9 — 0.1.0

Find Corners in Digital Images with FAST-9

image.CornerDetectionHarris — 0.1.1

Implementation of the Harris Corner Detection for Images

image.LineSegmentDetector — 0.1.0

Detect Line Segments in Images

image.Otsu — 0.1

Otsu's Image Segmentation Method

image.dlib — 0.1.0

Image Processing Functionality using the 'dlib' Package

image.libfacedetection — 0.1

Convolutional Neural Network for Face Detection

nametagger — 0.1.0

Named Entity Recognition in Texts using 'NameTag'

ruimtehol — 0.2.3

Learn Text 'Embeddings' with 'Starspace'

sentencepiece — 0.1.2

Text Tokenization using Byte Pair Encoding and Unigram Modelling

spark.sas7bdat — 1.2

Read in 'SAS' Data ('.sas7bdat' Files) into 'Apache Spark'

taskscheduleR — 1.4

Schedule R Scripts and Processes with the Windows Task Scheduler

textplot — 0.1.3

Text Plots

textrank — 0.3.0

Summarize Text by Ranking Sentences and Finding Keywords

tokenizers.bpe — 0.1.0

Byte Pair Encoding Text Tokenization

udpipe — 0.8.3

Tokenization, Parts of Speech Tagging, Lemmatization and Dependency Parsing with the 'UDPipe' 'NLP' Toolkit

word2vec — 0.2.1

Distributed Representations of Words