Packages by Li Jun

ClussCluster — 0.1.0

Simultaneous Detection of Clusters and Cluster-Specific Genes in High-Throughput Transcriptome Data

DiPhiSeq — 0.2.0

Robust Tests for Differential Dispersion and Differential Expression in RNA-Sequencing Data

PoissonSeq — 1.1.2

Significance analysis of sequencing data based on a Poisson log linear model

SparseDC — 0.1.17

Implementation of SparseDC Algorithm

SparseMDC — 0.99.5

Implementation of SparseMDC Algorithm

ccRemover — 1.0.4

Removes the Cell-Cycle Effect from Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data

sabarsi — 0.1.0

Background Removal and Spectrum Identification for SERS Data