Utilities for Zonation Spatial Conservation Prioritization Software

Create new analysis setups and deal with results of Zonation conservation prioritization software < https://github.com/cbig/zonation-core>. This package uses data available in the 'zdat' (7.7 MB) package for building the vignettes.

Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. GitHub version Build Status AppVeyor Build Status codecov

zonator is a utility R package for dealing with various tasks related to Zonation conservation prioritization software. The package started out as a collection of helper scripts which have now been packages for anybody interested in using a familiar tool (R) in setting up Zonation runs and managing Zonation results.

Functions and classes found in zonator can be useful for following stages of running a Zonation analysis.

  1. Setting up a Zonation project and pre-processing files (examples).
  2. Running Zonation.
  3. Post-processing, results analysis and comparison, and plotting (examples).


Release version

You can install the latest release version from CRAN:


Development version

Alternatively, you can install the latest (potentially unstable) development version from Github.

  1. Make sure you have package devtools installed and loaded in R:
# Open R prompt or RStudio and type the following on the command line
  1. Then install zonator directly from GitHub by running the following line in R:
devtools::install_github("cbig/zonator", ref = "develop", build_vignettes = TRUE)


Some examples are provided by the package vignettes. You can view these after installing the package by:






CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.9 (2017-12-17)


  • Update all tests to use testthat 2.0.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.8 (2017-08-20)


  • check_zonation() was failing on Solaris. This patch-release tries to fix that issue by using Sys.which() as suggested by BDR, but it cannot be tested before submitting to CRAN.
  • Remove startup notice, which claims that the package depends on package zdat. This is not true.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.7 (2017-07-09)


  • zdat package needed for development and building the vignettes is now installed from Github using drat. Accordingly, various checks are done to condition some code to run only if zdat is installed.
  • Vignette image dimensions updated.
  • Submitted to CRAN
  • zonator website now generated using pkgdown

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.6 (2017-04-13)


  • New method cost() can be used to extract cost data from results. Implemented for Zresults and Zvariant.
  • New utility function file_path_relative_to() can be used to dynamically construct relative paths for spp data.
  • New method copy_zvariant() can be used to create a copy of an existing variant with a new name.


  • Tutorial data removed from zonator and placed to a separate data package zdat. This package is required for developing zonator.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.5 (2017-01-16)


  • XXX.features_info.txt is now parsed into Zresults objects. This way, e.g. species distribution sum information becomes readilly available.


  • Variant names in the tutorial distributed with zonator in dir inst/extdata/tutorial have been truncated to avoid unportable long paths strings.
  • Bunch of warnings generated by implicit S4 embedding and some tests have been suppressed.
  • All WARNINGs and NOTEs (except one related to the size of the data installation) gone.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.4 (2016-07-21)


  • Variant weights can now be easily set using sppweights()<-.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.3 (2016-07-14)


  • Define the color scheme for plot_curves() dynamically between ColorBrewer's Set1 and Set2. Where the former has better colors, the latter has more.
  • create_spp() accepts new argument recursive = TRUE which will look for rasters in target directory recursively.
  • The spp_file_dir for create_spp() accepsts multiple directories (in vector) instead of just one.
  • New utility decimalplaces() can figure out how many decimal places a number has.
  • save_zvariant() now dynamically decides how to format weight and alpha column values based on max(decimalplaces(x)) in the vector.
  • create_zproject() now actually checkst if template dat-file exists.


  • Fix default regex pattern for spp_file_pattern in create_spp(). Previous version did find .tif and .img file, but also some directories.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.2 (2016-01-19)


  • Previously all keys had to be present in current group codes when using groupnames()<-. This doesn't make much sense, so now there can be extra groups in the value being assigned as long as as all group codes are found in the keys.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.1 (2016-01-18)


  • Always update groupnames in [email protected]@grp.curves. Fixes issue #54.
  • Beacause of the precvious, make regroup_curves() always return a ZGroupCurvesDataFrame object.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.5.0 (2016-01-06)


  • leaf_tags() is a new utility function that can get leaf (outermost) tags and their values in a nested list (used for dat-parsing).
  • get_dat_param() can be used to get values of a (valid) Zonation run configuration parameter (i.e. the content of a dat-file) from a Zvariant object.
  • set_dat_param() can be used to set values of a (valid) Zonation run configuration parameter (i.e. the content of a dat-file) for a Zvariant object.
  • zparameters() is used to fetch all accepted Zonation run configuration parameters (i.e. parameters in the dat file). Can return just the parameter names or a list of [[parameter_name]][[section]]".
  • show() for Zvariant now prints run configuration parameters as well.
  • set_dat_param() can be used to set run configuration parameters (i.e. dat file parameters). Only valid parameters are accepted.
  • get_dat_param() can be used to get run configuration parameters (i.e. dat file parameters).
  • sppdata()<- allows spp data to be modified. This is mostly needed in creating/cpoying variants as editing spp data in place is not probably a good idea.
  • save_zvarint() saves the current state of a Zvariant object on the file system. Saving can overwrite exisiting configuration files or create new.
  • create_zproject() now stops if spp_template_dir doesn't exist.
  • Re-implementation of tools::file_path_sans_ext() that can handle periods (".") just before file extension.


  • Assigning groups to a Zvariant object when no groups were used initially failed before (see issue #45.), fixed now.


  • read_ini() renamed to read_dat().
  • create_zproject() no longer uses "do_" prefix when generating bat files.
  • Run parameters from dat-files are now parsed as-is. Previously parameter names were cleaned up (e.g. " " and "-" removed), but this made writing dat files with correct parameter names really hard.
  • Much has been changed in the way tutorial data paths are handled internally. At some point, the whole tutorial data set will be moved to a package of its own.
  • Removed plyr from the dependencies.
  • Make depdendcy to ggplot2 >= 2.0.0. This way aes_() can be used and CHECK doesn't complain about "undefined global variables" anymore.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.4.1 (2015-12-15)


CHANGES IN VERSION 0.4.0 (2015-08-17)


  • create_zproject() functionality has been split into two. create_zproject() now handles the creation of a completely new Zonation project (also on the file system) whereas load_zproject() can be used to load existing Zonation projects. This change creates a cleaner and more intuitice API. NOTE The API for create_zproject() has changed, so check your code.
  • Vignettes have been much improved. There is now a conceptual intro to Zonatio project-variant-results typology as well as how this typology maps into zonator classes.


  • dir.exists() replaced with file.exists() in spp-creation.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.14 (2015-07-27)


  • plot_curves() accepts new argument fix.y which can be used to fix the y-axis to [0, 1]. Useful e.g. plotting runs with condition layers.
  • modified slot of a zresults object is now parsed from the run info file. Not ideal, but couldn't figure out a way how to do this reliably on Linux.
  • print() and show() methods are now implemented for objects of class Zvariant. Makes printing basic data a bit easier.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.13 (2015-06-14)


  • Result raster pattern matching got confused e.g. by auxiliary files created by QGIS. Regexp used to match result raster files (img/tif/asc) now better.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.12 (2015-06-09)


  • New color scheme RdYlBu added. This ColorBrewer's 7-level RdYlBu palette.
  • New function create_spp() can be used to create spp files based on a directory of input raster files.
  • create_zproject() now works by giving it a directory containing input rasters based on which the spp files are created.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.11 (2015-06-08)

  • Update package vignettes.


  • New tests and checks for read_ini().
  • New color scheme BrBG added. This a slight variation from ColorBrewer's 7-level BrBG scheme with the lowest value replaced with grey.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.10 (2014-08-12)


  • Fix imports in roxygen2 docs

  • Generic group names assigned at initiation. If Zvariant object has groups enabled, assign generic group names "group1", "group2" to groups automatically.

  • Generic group ID larger than 10 would not get mapped right because of a sloppy gsub-replacement. Regex fixed and groupnames()<- should work correctly when one has more than 10 groups.

  • get_variant() for Zproject objects now checks the input index properly (issue34)

  • Trying to get rank rasters from a set of variants with no rank rasters available caused and error, now produces warnings and returns a NA.


  • New function ds_alpha() that can be used to calculate alpha value for distribution smoothing.


  • Rename weights to sppweights so that it doesn't overwrite base generic.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.9 (2014-03-31)


  • Assigning group names now works correctly with generic default values and whenever groups (ids) are changed. (issue29)

  • Generic group naming now works, i.e. if group ids are changed group names get a generic value "group1", "group2" etc. (issue22)


  • Assigning group ids with groups()<- now recalculates group specific stats (min, mean, max, weighted mean) for defined groups. In other words, it is now possible to define groups other than those defined in Zonation groups file and have the group curves data calculated for the new groups.

  • cross_jaccard() now returns a dataframe with correct RasterLayer names colnames and rownames.

  • cross_jaccard() now accpets a numeric vector of threshold values for comparison.

  • jaccard() now has additional parameters for controlling the thresholds for rasters x and y being compared. Arguments xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax can be used to control which ranges of the raster values are compared.

  • New methods for class Zproject:

    • Method rank_rasters() accepts a new argument variants which can be either a character of numeric vector of variant names / IDs defining which rank rasters are included in the RasterStack that is returned. Default is to return all.
  • New methods for class Zvariant:

    • Methods weights() returns a numeric vector of weights assigned to a variant.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.8 (2014-03-17)



  • Creating new Zproject object based on an existing Zonation project involves reading in a lot of files and it can be useful to know the sequence of reading in case something goes wront. create_zproject() now accepts a new argument debug=TRUE which enables logging of file reading sequence. (issue28)

  • New methods for class Zvariant:

    • Generic replacement method groups()<-
    • Method nfeatures() returns the number of features in a variant

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.7 (2014-02-05)


  • Fix bugs in tests
  • check_zonation() fixed on Windows (issue26)


  • New methods for class ZCurvesDataFrame:
    • featurenames()

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.6 (2014-01-24)


  • Fix initial feature naming (issue24)
  • check_path() works on Windows (issue23)
  • Fix several tests on Windows

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.5 (2014-01-20)


  • Results vignette has bee updated.

  • Post-processign (PPA) LSM results are now handled by Zresults. Results, if present, are read in from the output folder. More specifically:

    • Class Zresults now defines a new slot ppa.lsm tha holds the content of PPA LSM results
  • zlegend() can be used to fetch Zonation rank raster map legend schemes. So far only one scheme ("spectral") is implemented.

  • New methods for class Zproject:

    • rank_rasters(): returns a RasterStack of all priority rank rasters of all variants within a project
  • New methods for class Zvariant:

    • Implented curves()
  • New methods for class Zvariant and Zresults:

    • rank_raster(): returns RasterLayer of priority rank raster of a given variant or its results

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.4 (2014-01-14)


  • New methods for class Zproject:

    • variants(): returns a list containing all the variants within a project
  • New methods for class Zvariant and Zresults:

    • outdir(): returns the path to location of output dirctory

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.3 (2013-12-20)

Maintance update, R CMD check and TravisCI test passes after few minor fixes.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.2 (2013-12-19)

  • Class Zcurves has been refactored to 2 classes: ZCurvesDataFrame and ZGroupCurvesDataFrame. Change was introduced mostly to handle performance curves plotting more sensibly.


  • Generic groupnames() now returns a character vector instead of a named character vector (with names being the original group numbers)

  • plot() now works for ZCurvesDataFrame and ZGroupCurvesDataFrame objecs.

  • New methods for class Zresults:

    • groupnames()


  • RColorBrewer

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.1 (2013-12-11)


  • bat-files are read recursively when creating a project (issue20)

  • check_paths() now deals with relative path components

  • has_results() now returns a list of logicals instead of a single logical

  • New methods for class Zresults:

    • has_results(): returns a list of TRUE/FALSE depending on whether the particular results items (curves, grp.curves, rank, wrscr, prop) are available or not

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.3.0 (2013-12-05)

  • Much of the internal functionality has been re-written
  • Documentation is improving, but still needs a lot of work


  • New classes Zresults and Zcurves. See docs for methods and structure.

  • New methods for class Zvariant:

    • groupnames()<-: assign human readable group names
    • groupnames(): get assigned unique groupnames and codes
    • has_results(): returns TRUE/FALSE depending on whether the variant has results or not
    • results(): returns a Zresults object specific to a Zvariant object

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2.2 (2013-11-28)

  • Feature can be named for each variant and feature and group identities can be joined and queried.


  • New methods for class Zvariant:
    • featurenames()<-: assign human readable feature names
    • featurenames(): get assigned unique featurenames
    • sppdata(): return the whole spp data frame of a variant

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2.1 (2013-11-27)

  • Add groups functionality to Zvariant. Groups are read in from the actual Zonation input file and can be used (eventually) in many operations.


  • New methods for class Zvariant:

    • groups(): returns a numeric vector containing group codes for features
    • groupnames()<-: assign human readable group names to groups
    • groupnames(): get assigned unique groupnames with associated group codes
  • New utlity functions:

    • read_groups(): read in Zonation groups file

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2.0 (2013-11-22)

  • Refactor all function names to follow underscore "_" pattern. Assume all old calls broken.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.3 (2013-11-15)

  • Updated the tutorial data shipping with zonator to correspond with the updated Zonation tutorial (basic)
  • Started using knit/Rmd to create vignettes
  • Started NEWS document


  • New methods for class Zpoject:

    • names(): returns a character vector of the names of variants in a project
  • New methods for class Zvariant:

    • has_results(): boolean indicating whether the variant already has associated results
  • New utlity functions:

    • read.spp(): read in spp files

Reference manual

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0.6.0 by Joona Lehtomaki, a year ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/cbig/zonator/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/zonator

Authors: Joona Lehtomaki [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

FreeBSD license

Imports ggplot2, methods, RColorBrewer, raster, reshape2, rgdal

Suggests knitr, rasterVis, rmarkdown, testthat, zdat

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