An interface for creating GUIs modeled in part after traits UI module for python.

An interface for creating GUIs modeled in part after the traits UI module for python. The basic design takes advantage of the model-view-controller design pattern. The interface makes basic dialogs quite easy to produce.


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NEWS for traitr

Changes for 0.10:

Changes for 0.9:

  • added new function dialogMaker to create dialogs from functions.
  • bug fixes to validation; new method is_valid to see if validate throws an error.
  • bug fixes for buttonItem (thanks to J Hallman for pointing out issues)
  • improvements in documentation
  • fix issue with scope and dialogs so that user defined methods have lexical scope when passing into aDialog.

Changes for 0.8:

  • additional argument to to_R, to_string

  • new constructor loadingAnimation to display while a long GUI is being drawn

  • fixes to how GUI is drawn to make pieces more modular

  • new example in vignette

  • Can now pass in attributes via attr to the container constructors. These are passed to the gwidgets constructor

Changes for 0.7:

  • Minor doc fix to keep CRAN happy

Changes for 0.6:

  • new item itemList for storing a list of items or itemgroups. Requires newer gWidgetsRGtk2.

  • added some basic unit tests

Changes for 0.5:

  • fix to choiceItem when table used. Single click selects.

  • bug fix for choiceItem with arguments

Changes for 0.4:

  • bug fixes to choiceItem when multiple=TRUE

  • put back in removal of enabled_when, visible_when for items, as otherwise context containers don't work

  • put gWidgets, gWidgetsRGtk2 in depends. Want to put in suggests, but will do so when gWIdgetsWWW works with this -- which more or less does, but does have issues with some of the widgets.

Changes for 0.3:

  • doc fix to avoid warning

  • removed update_ui from item. This belonged only in container, itemgroup

Changes for 0.2:

  • Added copyright info, as suggested on devel mailing list.

  • added set_model method for itemgroups. Can be used to swap out model, where the model is just an itemgroup whose itmes are all simple items (no nested itemgroups)

  • added base method next_method. Gets the correct next method

  • added base methods from mutatr: has_slot, get_slot, set_slot. The first two clean up the code a bit

Changes for 0.1:

  • New package

Reference manual

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0.14 by John Verzani, 5 years ago

Browse source code at

Authors: John Verzani <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Depends on digest, proto, gWidgets

Suggests testthat

See at CRAN