gWidgets API for Building Toolkit-Independent, Interactive GUIs

Provides a toolkit-independent API for building interactive GUIs. At least one of the 'gWidgetsXXX packages', such as gWidgetstcltk, needs to be installed. Some icons are on loan from the scigraphica project <>.


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NEWS for gWidgets

Changes for 0.0-54

  • fixes to variables to get working with pmg

  • fixes to ggenericwidget to work with tcltk

Changes for 0.0-53

Changes for 0.0-52

  • fix typos, cont= to get past R CMD check

Changes for 0.0-51

  • fix to svalue method when index=TRUE (don't use coercewith here) Thanks Fabio

CHanges for 0.0-49, 50

  • oops, forgot to note

Changes for 0.0-48

  • Minor tweak for getting cleanly through R CMD check

Changes for 0.0-47

  • minor tweaks for getting docs past check

Changes for 0.0-46

  • added some error checking on input arguments

  • added do.buttons argument to gbasicdialog

  • modify [ method for glayout. Returns object, list of objects or matrix of objects

Changes for 0.0-45

  • focus generic for gwindow

Changes for 0.0-44

  • add editable, editable<- methods.

Changes for 0.0-43

  • start to use roxygen for documentation
  • redid ghelp, ghelpbrowser

Changes for 0.0-42

  • minor doc fixes
  • new multiple argument for gfile

Changes for 0.0-41

  • toolkitProvidesWidget: new method to test if a widget is provided by the toolkit
  • did ghelp for R2.11.0. (Working?)
  • new constructor gsvg (Qt, WWW only)
  • bug fix in gcommandline
  • leave message for ghelp if newer R version. (Need to update for html help changes)
  • added use.table argument for gcheckboxgroup. If implemented, uses a two column table with a checkbox column and a labels column.

Changes for 0.0-40

  • oops, forgot to document

Changes for 0.0-39

  • deprecated .fixFontMessUp -- was giving issues in the toolkit. From now on fonts are specified in appropriate way (see ?font)

  • font(gtext_object) <- value will set for entire buffer if no selection. Aslo gtext(---, font.attr=c(...)) will set font attributes for buffer, not just initial text.

Changes for 0.0-38

  • change to API to introduce addHandlerColumnClicked, addHandlerColumnDoubleClick, addHandlerColumnRightClick. For use with grid widgets gdf and gtable.

Changes for 0.0-37

  • fix to tests to get passed CRAN checks

Changes for 0.0-36

  • added [<- method for gspinbutton, gslider to update value. The value must be a regular sequence

Changes for 0.0-33

  • remove popup when no toolkits are installed.

  • fix to ggenericwidget and cli

Changes for 0.0-32

  • fixes to the ghelpbrowser GUI. This works -- and looks -- much better under tcltk, RGtk2. (Under rJava it is still awfule).

  • added new function installing_gWidgets_toolkits

  • made svalue<- for gcheckboxgroup use logicals, character or indices; fixed up docs

  • added gseparator() in defn of gmenu, gtoolbar list.

  • started puting in RUnit test suites for better testingn of packages.

  • new gformlayout constructor. This allows programmer to define compound GUI components using a list (like how XML is used with glade, say). This is similar, but much more flexible and better layed out, than ggenericwidget.

Changes for 0.0-31

  • Added gaction constructor to make action object for buttons, menus, toolbars.

  • Added tooltip<- method to set a tooltip for a widget. Should work with RGtk2 and windows at a minimum

  • to handle case with no toolkit, check with popups is made.

  • added toolkits to SUGGESTS: line in DESCRIPTION

Changes for 0.0-29

  • updated gWidgets vignette

Changes for 0.0-28

  • fix to ghelp to work better under windows

  • added a tests suddirectory to inst. This allows the toolkit packages to run tests on installation.

Changes for 0.0-27

  • Added parent argument to dialogs. If specified will located dialog in relation to the parent gwindow instance. Also changed "location" argument for gwindow to "parent" to match argument names. That argument still accepts x,y coordinates too.

  • added function gwCat to be used to give messages in toolkit. Set option gWidgetsDebug=TRUE to see messages.

  • added blockHandler, unblockHandler to API. Only implemented in gWidgetsRGtk2

  • names method refers to label for gframe, gexpandgroup

  • added addHandlerMouseMotion -- like mouse over, different from draggin drop action over an item

  • added defaultWidget, and defaultWidget<- for setting the default widget in a dialog.

Reference manual

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0.0-54.1 by John Verzani, 7 months ago

Browse source code at

Authors: John Verzani. Based on the iwidgets code of Simon Urbanek and suggestions by Simon Urbanek , Philippe Grosjean and Michael Lawrence

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Depends on methods, utils

Suggests gWidgetstcltk

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