A Toolbox for Writing 'swirl' Courses

A set of tools for writing and sharing interactive courses to be used with swirl.

swirlify is an R package that includes tools for writing and sharing swirl courses. For more information on swirl, visit our website or our GitHub repository.


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Development Version

install_github("swirldev/swirlify", ref = "dev")

Quick Start

We highly recommend using RStudio for authoring swirl content.

# Create a new lesson and a new course
new_lesson("My Lesson", "My Course")
# Add content to the lesson in a text editor
# When you are finished writing your lesson, add it to the course manifest
# Convret your course into a `.swc` file so you can share it easily.


For extensive documentation on swirlify and tips for writing swirl courses see the swirlify website.

Course structure

swirl courses have the following structrue:

  • Courses are directories that contain all of the files, folders, and lessons associated with the course you are developing. The name of the course directory is the name of the course. For example the name of the directory that contains Team swril's R Programming course is named R_Programming.
  • Lessons are directories that contain single units of instruction. The name of a lesson directory is the name of that lesson. Every lesson must at least contain a lesson.yaml file containing lesson content.
  • Questions are written inside of the lesson.yaml file in each lesson directory. Students are prompted with questions in sequential order.


If you have any questions about using swirlify don't hesitate to reach out to us: [email protected]


swirlify 0.5.2

  • Fixed failing tests by integrating new features in testthat 2.0.

swirlify 0.5.1

  • Fixed issue where Ace editor was not working on Windows.

  • Added make_pathname().

  • Added swirl_courses_dir().

swirlify 0.5.0

  • Removed lp().

  • Deprecated testit(). testit() will be removed in swirlify 0.6.

  • Added demo_lesson() which replaces testit().

  • Added google_form_decode() to help course authors evaluate their students' progress in a swirl couse.

  • Added swirlify() which starts a Shiny app for authoring swirl lessons.

swirlify 0.4

  • Removed swirlify_help().

  • Changed demo_lesson() to testit(), although it will be changed back before swirlify 0.5. This was done because of compatibility issues with swirl.

  • Added lp() for quickly finding the file path to the current lesson.yaml.

swirlify 0.3.3

  • test_lesson() and test_course() now check for proper lesson formatting.

  • Added tests for packing and unpacking a lesson.

swirlify 0.3.2

  • Added add_license() for easy course licensing.

  • Changed count_units() to count_questions().

  • Changed test_lesson() to demo_lesson().

swirlify 0.3.1

  • Removed shiny authoring tool. Development of this tool will continue as a separate project.

  • Added pack_course() and unpack_course() to help with sharing courses in the .swc file format.

  • Changed the API for all of the question writing functions which now start with the prefix wq_. This is meant to be used with tab-completion to make writing lessons easier.

  • Changed swirl2html() to lesson_to_html().

  • Changed hlp() to swirlify_help().


  • Fix typo in swirl2html() documentation.

swirlify 0.3

  • Deprecate author_lesson(), which is the old R Markdown approach. We me eventually introduce a more efficient R Markdown style that is neatly integrated with the current YAML approach.

  • Change new_yaml() to new_lesson() with notice to user.

swirlify 0.2.3

  • Normalize file paths using normalizePath() in case user specifies a relative path to a lesson, then changes their working directory.

  • Allow user to specify path to YAML lesson as an argument to set_lesson().

  • Update hlp() menu.

swirlify 0.2.2

  • Add check to testit() to make sure that the lesson being tested is listed in the course MANIFEST, if one exists in the course directory.

  • Add commented out AUTO_DETECT_NEWVAR <- FALSE to customTests.R template created by new_yaml(). Setting this variable equal to FALSE can prevent double evaluation of printing and plotting commands.

  • Update hlp() output to include count_units() and testit(from, to).

swirlify 0.2.1

  • Add swirl2html() to convert swirl lessons formatted in YAML to R markdown (Rmd) and html files. The output is a stylized webpage that acts as a standalone tutorial based on the original swirl lesson.

swirlify 0.2

  • Add a more bare bones YAML authoring toolset initiated by new_yaml(). hlp() gives a list of related functions. We plan to integrate this new approach more closely with existing swirlify functions, but it functions well as is.

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.


0.5.3 by Sean Kross, 3 years ago


Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/swirlify

Authors: Sean Kross [aut, cre] , Nick Carchedi [aut] , Chih-Cheng Liang [ctb] , Wush Wu [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

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MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports swirl, stringr, yaml, rmarkdown, whisker, shiny, shinyAce, base64enc, readr

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