Basic Functions for Supporting an Implementation of Choice Experiments

Provides basic functions that support an implementation of (discrete) choice experiments (CEs). CEs is a question-based survey method measuring people's preferences for goods/services and their characteristics. Refer to Louviere et al. (2000) for details on CEs, and Aizaki (2012) for the package.


Changes to package support.CEs

2015-08-27, version 0.4-1

  • Modified NAMESPACE.

2015-08-26, version 0.4-0

  • Added the function sb.choice.

2015-04-27, version 0.3-3

  • Changed maintainer's email address.

2014-06-22, version 0.3-2

  • Changed maintainer's email address.

2014-03-13, version 0.3-1

  • Modified the function gofm. It also returns AIC and BIC.
  • Modified the function mwtp. The delta method is available to calculate the confidence intervals of MWTPs. Argument method is added. Argument confidence.level is added. Argument percentile.points is only kept for giving an error message regarding unused argument. It will be removed. Argument confidence.level is used instead.
  • Added three synthetic data sets: rice, pork, and rural.

2012-11-08, version 0.3-0

  • Modified the functions questionnaire,, mwtp, and gofm. These are also available for binary choice experiments. The functions questionnaire and handle a common base option. The function questionnaire can print choice sets without quotation marks. The function mwtp returns a matrix of replicated estimates.
  • Added a synthetic data set syn.res3 for binary choice experiments.

2012-09-19, version 0.2-4

  • Modified the function questionnaire.
  • Added the citation file.

2012-06-14, version 0.2-3

  • Modified the functions questionnaire and make.dataset to remove notes when checking R code.
  • Modified the functions print.mwtp and make.dataset.

2012-05-28, version 0.2-2

  • Modified the output from the design functions. These return an object of S3 class "cedes."
  • Modified the output from the function gofm. It returns an object of S3 class "gofm."
  • Modified the argument in the function mwtp. Argument decimal.places is deleted.
  • Modified the output from the function mwtp. It returns an object of S3 class "mwtp." Structure of the output is modified.

2012-03-06, version 0.2-1

  • Modified the output from the functions or A component design.information is added to the output.
  • Modified the arguments in the functions questionnaire and Arguments nblocks, nquestions, nalternatives, and nattributes are automatically set on the basis of design.information included in the output from the design functions.
  • Modified syn.res1 and syn.res2.

2011-07-14, version 0.2.0

  • First release to CRAN

Reference manual

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0.5-0 by Hideo Aizaki, a year ago

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Authors: Hideo Aizaki

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Design of Experiments (DoE) & Analysis of Experimental Data

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports DoE.base, MASS, simex, stats

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Depended on by RcmdrPlugin.BWS1, RcmdrPlugin.DCE.

Suggested by support.BWS3.

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