Succinct and Correct Statistical Summaries for Reports

Succinctly and correctly format statistical summaries of various models and tests (F-test, Chi-Sq-test, Fisher-test, T-test, and rank-significance). The main purpose is unified reporting and planning of experimental results, working around issue such as the difficulty of extracting model summary facts (such as with 'lm'/'glm'). This package also includes empirical tests, such as bootstrap estimates.

Concise formatting of significances in R (GPL3 license).

Please see Adding polished significance summaries to papers using R for some discussion.

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Used to render the support material for Proofing statistics in papers.

sigr is a small package that concentrates on computing summary statistics and reporting in an appropriate format.

For example here is formatting the quality of a logistic regression.

d <- data.frame(x=c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7),
model <- glm(y~x,data=d,family=binomial)
## Call:
## glm(formula = y ~ x, family = binomial, data = d)
## Deviance Residuals: 
##      Min        1Q    Median        3Q       Max  
## -1.37180  -1.09714  -0.00811   1.08024   1.42939  
## Coefficients:
##             Estimate Std. Error z value Pr(>|z|)
## (Intercept)  -0.7455     1.6672  -0.447    0.655
## x             0.1702     0.3429   0.496    0.620
## (Dispersion parameter for binomial family taken to be 1)
##     Null deviance: 11.090  on 7  degrees of freedom
## Residual deviance: 10.837  on 6  degrees of freedom
## AIC: 14.837
## Number of Fisher Scoring iterations: 4
           pLargeCutoff=1, format='markdown'))

Chi-Square Test summary: pseudo-R2=0.023 (χ2(1,N=8)=0.25, p=0.61).


sigr 0.2.3 2017-01-28

  • Improve import declarations.

sigr 0.2.2 2017-10-22

  • Add table Fisher test.
  • Fix "not connected" options on TTest and others.

sigr 0.2.1 2017-10-14

  • Pass more arguments to tests.
  • Switch to own Cohen-d estimate.
  • Add vector signatures.

sigr 0.2.0 2017-10-07

  • Make sigfig a bit more flexible.
  • Add Cohen's d.
  • Add lm() anova wrapper wrapFTest.anova().
  • Add glm(family=binomial) anova wrapper wrapChiSqTest.anova().
  • Add ez::ezANOVA linear adapter.
  • Some statistic presentation sigfig fixes.

sigr 0.1.7 2017-07-04

  • Fix NA warning bug in

sigr 0.1.6 2017-05-05

  • Enforce more types in calculations.
  • Add na.rm options.

sigr 0.1.5 2017-03-24

  • Enforce more types in calculations.

sigr 0.1.4 2017-03-13

  • More standard (data.frame plus column names) interfaces.
  • Default to independent samples in resampleScoreModelPair.

sigr 0.1.3 2017-01-15

  • First CRAN submission.

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Authors: John Mount [aut, cre], Nina Zumel [aut], Win-Vector LLC [cph]

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GPL-3 license

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