Import Various Northern and Southern Hemisphere Climate Indices

Downloads Southern Oscillation Index, Oceanic Nino Index, North Pacific Gyre Oscillation data, North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation. Data sources are described in the help files for each function.

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An R package to download the most up to date - Southern Oscillation Index - Oceanic Nino Index - North Pacific Gyre Oscillation data - North Atlantic Oscillation - Arctic Oscillation




Download Oceanic Nino Index data

oni <- download_oni()
#> # A tibble: 827 x 7
#>    Date       Month  Year dSST3.4     ONI ONI_month_window phase           
#>    <date>     <ord> <int>   <dbl>   <dbl> <chr>            <fct>           
#>  1 1950-01-01 Jan    1950   -1.62  NA     JF               <NA>            
#>  2 1950-02-01 Feb    1950   -1.32  -1.34  JFM              Warm Phase/El N~
#>  3 1950-03-01 Mar    1950   -1.07  -1.17  FMA              Warm Phase/El N~
#>  4 1950-04-01 Apr    1950   -1.11  -1.18  MAM              Warm Phase/El N~
#>  5 1950-05-01 May    1950   -1.37  -1.07  AMJ              Warm Phase/El N~
#>  6 1950-06-01 Jun    1950   -0.74  -0.85  MJJ              Warm Phase/El N~
#>  7 1950-07-01 Jul    1950   -0.44  -0.533 JJA              Warm Phase/El N~
#>  8 1950-08-01 Aug    1950   -0.42  -0.423 JAS              Neutral Phase   
#>  9 1950-09-01 Sep    1950   -0.41  -0.383 ASO              Neutral Phase   
#> 10 1950-10-01 Oct    1950   -0.32  -0.443 SON              Neutral Phase   
#> # ... with 817 more rows

And a quick plot with base R to illustrate the type of data:

barcols <- c('#edf8b1','#7fcdbb','#2c7fb8')
barplot(oni$ONI, names.arg = oni$Date, ylab = "Oceanic Nino Index" , 
    col = barcols[oni$phase], border = NA, space = 0,
    xaxt = "n")

Inspired by

The idea for this package borrows heavily from the rpdo package. The initial efforts by these authors are gratefully acknowledged. The rpdo github page can be found here: rpdo

Data Sources

Helpful References

In Watching for El Niño and La Niña, NOAA Adapts to Global Warming

L’Heureux, M. L., Collins, D. C., & Hu, Z.-Z. (2012, March.). Linear trends in sea surface temperature of the tropical Pacific Ocean and implications for the El Niño-Southern Oscillation. Climate Dynamics, 1–14. doi:10.1007/s00382-012-1331-2

The Victoria mode in the North Pacific linking extratropical sea level pressure variations to ENSO

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rsoi NEWS

rsoi v0.5.0

  • Checks if internet is installed
  • Fixes El Nino/ La Nina mixup.
  • Removed internal indices data as we do not have them licenced properly and they serve little value.
  • Makes test conditional upon having internet and resilient to a government shutdown

rsoi v0.4

  • Removed readr, dplyr, lubridate dependency
  • Optional tibble printing
  • Adding functions to import North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation

rsoi v0.3.1

  • Patch: Removed utils from Imports field because it was no longer being used.

rsoi v0.3.0

  • Adding Northern Pacific Gyre Oscillation
  • Added readr dependencies
  • Made soi and oni data download with readr tools
  • Streamlined download_enso such that each idx is individually called from a separate function.
  • Updated README

rsoi v0.2.2

  • Added some tolerance to download_enso() tests to accommodate rounding errors from different sources
  • Modified output to be a tibble which then includes the tibble package

rsoi v0.1.0

  • SOI and ONI from Jan 1950 to Feb 2017.

Reference manual

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0.5.4 by Sam Albers, a year ago,

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Authors: Sam Albers [aut, cre] , Elio Campitelli [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Hydrological Data and Modeling

GPL-3 license

Imports curl, memoise, stats, utils

Suggests testthat, tibble

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