Read GenAlEx Files Directly from Excel

GenAlEx is a popular Excel macro for genetic analysis and the 'poppr' R package allows import of GenAlEx formatted CSV data for genetic data analysis in R. This package allows for the import of GenAlEx formatted Excel files, serving as a small 'poppr' add on for those who have trouble or simply do not want to export their data into CSV format.

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A small package that allows import of GenAlEx data directly into poppr from excel.

Setup is simple.

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From GitHub:

install_github("zkamvar/popprxl", build_vignettes = TRUE)

popprxl has one function: read.genalexcel(). It can be used to read in GenAlEx data directly from excel:

#> Loading required package: adegenet
#> Loading required package: ade4
#>    /// adegenet 2.0.1 is loaded ////////////
#>    > overview: '?adegenet'
#>    > tutorials/doc/questions: 'adegenetWeb()' 
#>    > bug reports/feature requests: adegenetIssues()
#> This is poppr version 2.1.1. To get started, type package?poppr
#> OMP parallel support: unavailable
#> popprxl is loaded. Use read.genalexcel() to read in your data.
(nancyxlsx <- system.file("files/nancycats.xlsx", package = "popprxl"))
#> [1] "/Users/zhian/R/popprxl/files/nancycats.xlsx"
(nancy    <- read.genalexcel(nancyxlsx))
#> This is a genclone object
#> -------------------------
#> Genotype information:
#>    237 original multilocus genotypes 
#>    237 diploid individuals
#>      9 codominant loci
#> Population information:
#>      1 stratum - Pop
#>     17 populations defined - P01 P02 P03 ... P15 P16 P17


popprxl 0.1.4

  • adegenet has been added to imports (for CRAN maintenance).

popprxl 0.1.3

  • Update maintainer email address
  • Modified description

popprxl 0.1.2


  • An innocuous bug where connections weren't closed if the function ran into an error was fixed


  • A quickstart vignette has been added

popprxl 0.1.1


  • A bug where geographic information could not be imported was fixed. See issue #1 (

popprxl 0.1

  • Initial version of popprxl

Reference manual

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0.1.4 by Zhian N. Kamvar, 2 years ago

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Authors: Zhian N. Kamvar [cre, aut] >) , Niklaus J. Grünwald [ths] >)

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-3 license

Imports readxl, utils

Depends on poppr

Suggests testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, adegenet

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