Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for tcltk package

Port of the gWidgets API to the tcltk package. Requires Tk 8.5 or greater.


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NEWS for gWidgetstcltk

Changes for 0.0-54

  • gfile has character value for filter argument to simplify specification
  • fix svalue<- method of gslider

Changes for 0.0-53

  • add tag method for gaction.
  • fix dnd table to gedit. (prompted by stackoverflow answer). (Still a little off, as you need to select first, then drag)
  • replace gdf with tablelist, not tktable widget. Seems better and requires no external installation, as it is pure Tcl.

Changes for 0.0-50

Changes for 0.0-49

  • Bug fix for enabled<- method for gedit when initial text is "". (Thanks Yves)

Changes for 0.0-48

  • fixed bug with user-defined icons (Thanks Erich)
  • fixed bug where inner frame in gwindow rendered separately (Thanks Erich, Rich and Patrick)

Changes for 0.0-47

  • bug fix for svalue<- for gedit. (Thanks Pat)
  • bug fix of using wrong idiom to store data in a namespace (Thanks Erich)

Changes for 0.0-46

  • minor bug fix to fix environment issue, get past check

Changes for 0.0-45

  • Requires gWidgets 0.0-46

  • Fixed reference class fields to accomodate changes to upcoming 2.14.0

  • Added generics so that $, [[ and [[<- work with underlying toolkit object

  • added use.table option to gcheckboxgroup

  • focus<- for gwindow (for Erich)

  • added do.buttons options for gbasicdialog

  • improved [ method for glayout (Returns widget, list of widgets (if 1-d slice) or matrix of widgets.

Changes for 0.0-44

  • new add method for adding tkrplot objects

  • bug fixes for gfile (Thanks Richie, Yves)

  • bug fixes for gcomobobox (Thanks Erich, Yves)

  • added stub for ghtml

Changes for 0.0-43

  • change to selected= argument of gcomobobx. Will allow item value in addition to index.

  • Bug fixes, (Thanks Erich, Carlos)

  • new method editable<-. Used by gedit to allow selection but no changing of the text.

Changes for 0.0-42

  • fix to add method of box containers and the expand, fill, anchor arguments

Changes for 0.0-41

  • doc fixes

Changes for 0.0-40

  • gcheckboxgroup now uses backend R5 class
  • gradio cannow use [<- to lengthen/shorten radio button count
  • gedit new [<- for auto complete
  • Added new R5 classes
  • change behavior of default anchoring of children into parent. This can be adjusted through the option "gw:tcltkDefaultAnchor".
  • added extra functionality for gslider. Need not be integer valued now.
  • bug fix for add method and fill argument
  • Added calendar selector to gcalendar
  • add [ method for gnotebook, kill [<- (wasn't working, isn't right)

Changes for 0.0-39

  • added [ method to glayout for extraction
  • fix to handler code. Adds blockHandler, unblockHandler and fixes bugs. Just gradio and gcheckboxgroup have only 1 handler per widget, others can have multiple. Handler code is not as general as tcltk itself.

Changes for 0.0-38

  • minor fixes for ggroup, gframe to get traitr to work
  • visible<- method for gedit fixed

Changes for 0.0-37

  • Fixes to gfile (bug fix when spaces are in filename, keeps track in "initialdir". This may be passed in, or is remembered between invocations through an option.

Changes for 0.0-36

  • added visible<- method for gedit. If FALSE will mask characters

Changes for 0.0-35

  • fix to gradio's addHandlerChanged and svalue methods.

Changes for 0.0-34

  • Bug fix to svalue method for gtable when index=TRUE

CHanges for 0.0-33

  • fix to slant value in font to pass R CMD check

CHanges for 0.0-32

  • font fixes for gtext, and font<-

Changes for 0.0-31

  • added method isExtant

  • added hidden argument not.toplevel to gstatusbar to relax restriction on container being gwindow instance

Changes for 0.0-30

  • bug fix for gtable

Changes for 0.0-29

  • added [<- method for gspinbutton, gslider

  • minor fix for gfilebrowse and width argument

Changes for 0.0-28

  • fixed enable<- to recurse, and for gradio, gcheckbox

  • Changes to stock icons in gtable, gimage, gbutton.

  • fix to add method for ggroup -- handlers anchor better with expand=TRUE

  • Numerous small bug fixes.

Changes for 0.0-27

  • fixes to gdf() for Enter, Tab binding

Changes for 0.0-26

  • added gdf() constructor if user has tktable package installed for tcl

  • fixes to gmessasge gconfirm to use tkmessagebox

Changes for 0.0-25

  • fixed inheritance for gbasicdialog so that size<- method works as expected

Changes for 0.0-24

  • fix to gmenu to get working with gbasicdialog

Changes for 0.0-23

  • minor fix to DESCRIPTION

Changes for 0.0-22

  • added gbasicdialog. Three step process: create ocntainer, add widget, call visible with set=TRUE.

  • fixes to gtable -- working on column width issues, but still not great

  • fixed several issues with how containers are used, some were not expanding properly: gnotebook, gexpandgroup

  • changed layout of gexpandgroup so that group is always below the label and trigger icon, instead of adjacent. Code was cleaned up.

  • changed how statusbars and toolbars are handled by gwindow. Also use ttkframe within gwindow to offer theme support to window.

  • added use.scrollwindow argument for ggroup. Not quite perfect, as the frame doesn't scroll to follow recently added children.

  • new(ish) constructor gformlayout coming from gWidgets

  • new(ish) gaction for menus, toolbars, buttons. This is now recommened means to implement menus and toolbars

  • new galert dialog. This is like gmessage only non obtrusive. Can be improved.

  • added autoscroll bar feature to gtree, gtable, gtext.

Changes for 0.0-20

  • fixed handler code in gcheckbox, gcheckboxgrioup

Changes for 0.0-19

  • fixed bug with gtable and multiple selection

Changes for 0.0-18

  • fixed another issue with gtable: debugging info, extra columns, error if more than 2 columns

Changes for 0.0-17

  • fixed issues with gtable (factors converted to character, widths) Changes for 0.0-16

  • fixed ggroup bug in svalue method

Changes for 0.0-15

  • fix bug in gfile regarding initialfilename
  • fix to eliminate extra column in gtree if single column

Changes for 0.0-14

  • fix to gtree

Changes for 0.0-13

  • added test for version 8.5.

Changes for 0.0-11

  • fixed typo in gframe

  • changes to pass R CMD check on R-devel (again!)

Changes for 0.0-9

  • changes to pass R CMD check on R-devel

Changes for 0.0-9

  • added tests directory to run tests from gWidgets package

  • fixed documentation to avoid warnings

Changes for 0.0-8

  • new uses ttk (tile) libraries. (Hence R 2.7.0)

  • implemented parent argument for gwindow. This can be used to specify a gwindow parent or a location by x,y coordinates.

  • added parent argument for dialogs

  • replaced hacked versions of gcombobox, gnotebook, gexpandgroup, gframe, ... with ttk versions

  • added gtable widget based on ttktreeview replacing one based on itemlist

  • added gtree widget using ttktreeview

  • exported addHandler for binding events not covered by gWidgets API

  • fixed tag to use an environment not one big list.

  • fixed gfilebrowse error

  • fixed wrap argument for gtext

Reference manual

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0.0-55 by John Verzani, 5 years ago

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Authors: John Verzani

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Depends on methods, gWidgets, tcltk, digest

Imported by TR8, extremevalues, relMix.

Depended on by RenextGUI.

Suggested by ENmisc, gWidgets, nCal.

See at CRAN