Toolkit Implementation of gWidgets for RGtk2

Port of the gWidgets API to the RGtk2 toolkit.


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 	    NEWS for gWidgetsRGtk2

Changes for version 0.0-83

  • add Rbuildignore

Changes for version 0.0-82

  • add character value for filter argument of gfile
  • fix font<- for size. (Thanks Yuhie)
  • gtree update function is improved

Changes for version 0.0-81

  • removed testing code to pass CRAN check on windows. Odd error, but likely from older gWidgets being used

Changes for version 0.0-80

  • attempt to fix drag and drop

Changes for version 0.0-79

  • fix to ggraphics.R for allocations

Changes for version 0.0-78

  • changes to gvarbrowser

Changes for version 0.0-77

  • change in dnd, icons to avoid using "Namespce" functions

  • put back tag code into gtext

  • fix to gdf and do.subset=TRUE. (Thanks Stephanie)

  • fix to font.attr argument of insert method for gtext. (Had commented out for speed, but forgot to fix ...) THanks Yvonnick.

Changes for version 0.0-76

  • requires gWidgets 0.0-46

  • added generics for $, [[ and [[<- to work with underlying toolkit object

  • use info bar for galert when parent is a gwindow.

  • bug fix for gdf and sorting (Thanks Stephanie)

  • do.buttons argument for gbasicdialog. Passed as hidden argument, or formal one with newer gWidgets

Changes for version 0.0-75

  • bug fix for Observer class to allow proto methods

  • reworked fonts for gtext so that tags are not preloaded. That was much too slow.

  • new editable generic, but no methods yet

  • focus method for gwindow to raise window

Changes for version 0.0-74

  • bug fixes svalue<-gtable and block_handlers

Changes for version 0.0-73

  • fix gstatusbar. OVerride default label, as it truncated the bottom of the message with a recent GTK. However, removed support for popping stack of messages. Likely not an issue, but can be put back if requested.

  • fix to gradio to avoid premature garbage collection leading to crash under tctorture. There may still be an issue with gbutton. (If so, pass in a parent container to the constructor.)

  • Reworked gradio and gcheckboxgroup to use a backend reference class. Cleans up the code considerably.

Changes for version 0.0-72

  • removed example code -- for some reason CRAN was choking on it.

Changes for version 0.0-71

  • bug fix to get traitr vignette to work cleanly

Changes for version 0.0-70

  • fix to gcombobox's [<- method

Changes for version 0.0-69

  • overload from= argument for gslider to specify arbitrary sortable vector
  • bug fix for handlers when label, images not enabled
  • added use.togglebutton for gcheckbox
  • another fix to gvarbrowser (Thanks Tom, wxffxw)
  • use RGtk2Extras now (name change) (Thanks TOm)
  • fix to gradio's [<- method
  • change to 3rd mouse popup and gtable (THanks Wincent)
  • fix to gvarbrowser (Thanks Stephanie)

Changes for version 0.0-68

  • fix to font<- and colors. Thanks to S. Bonett for the feedback.
  • added [ method for glayout. (oops, thanks but forgot who, sorry)
  • added svalue<- method to gtree, changed svalue(obj, index=XXX) behaviour
  • fix bug with insert method for gtext and scrolling to end.

Changes for version 0.0-67

  • fix to addHandlerClicked for gtree
  • added rubber-band selection to ggraphics (also addHandlerChanged).
  • right click menu option for ggraphics

Changes for version 0.0-66 (uploaded 6-28-10)

  • visible<- method for gedit. If FALSE will do password entry characters
  • bug fix to gtree (Thanks Dieter)
  • add multiple=TRUE argument to gfile

Changes for version 0.0-65

  • implemented new option use.table for gcheckboxgroup. Places widgets into table so one can scroll.

  • fixed bug in gcommandline that was breaking ggenericwidget

  • fix to glabel when editable=TRUE

Changes for version 0.0-64

  • Bug fix to ggrid code to make assignment work with visible.

  • change to font.attr argument to gtext. Requires upgrade to gWidgets (0.0-39) Now sets attributes for the buffer, not just initial text. The add method and font<- method can be used to adjust properties of pieces of text. Added behaviour for font<- when no text is selected it changes text of entire buffer

Changes for version 0.0-63

  • bug fixes to ggrid to make gtable work better.

Changes for version 0.0-62

  • bug fixes for gdfnotebook. (Thanks Rune)

  • fix to make dnd work as expected with gedit.

  • bug fixes for gtoolbar, gmenu when icons were involved. Issue arose with newer GTK versions. (Thanks Rune)

Changes for version 0.0-61

  • namespace mistake

Changes for version 0.0-60

  • bug fix to gmenu which was preventing pmg from loading

  • in gvarbrowser added means for user to specify knownTypes. This variable holds specification of similar classes.

Changes for version 0.0-59

  • Fix to gfile for filtering and intialfilename

  • implementing gdfedit front end to RGtk2DfEdit package of Tom Taverner

Changes for version 0.0-58

  • fix so that svalue<- for gtable only calls handler once.

  • bug fix with addHandlerChanged and pageno with gnotebook

  • add hidden argument "diy" to gdf to suppress adding keymotion handlers or popup on column header clicking.

Changes for version 0.0-57

  • font<- method for gbutton fixed

  • fix to svalue<- for gcombobox to handle index=FALSE properly

Changes for version 0.0-56

  • another fix to svalue for ggrid. Wasn't working with svalue(obj, index=FALSE) <- values (setting by value). Must match through %in% (so best that chosencol is a character.

Changes for version 0.0-55

  • fix bug with svalue<- for gtable, wasn't clearing selection

Changes for version 0.0-54

  • add CTRL-1 for 3rd mouse binding, so that single-button mac users can be happy

Changes for version 0.0-53

  • fix to gfilebrowse (thanks to Hana)

  • added [<- method for spinbutton, gslider

Changes for version 0.0-53

  • Fix to gbutton constructor with gaction objects for action argument (Thanks Lisa)

  • fix to error message in gtable (Thanks Ronggui)

Changes for version 0.0-52

  • changed modal dialogs.

Changes for version 0.0-51

  • changed polling for gvarbrowser, can also change with inteval=secs*1000

Changes for version 0.0-50

  • fix to gvarbrowser -- last one didn't quite work. (Thanks again Albert)

Changes for version 0.0-49

  • fix to gvarbrowser to handle POSIX objects as expected (thanks Albert)

Changes for version 0.0-48

  • added gbasicdialog for compliance with toolkits that need to have parent container specified

  • implemented svalue<- for gaction

Changes for version 0.0-47

  • added gaction implementation. This can be used for gbutton, gmenu, gtoolbar. The svalue<- method does not work

  • added ability in gWidgetsRGtk2 to put widgets into toolbars

Changes for version 0.0-46

  • fix to gframe for expand=FALSE

  • fix to gframe, gexpandgroup for spacing argument

  • added width argument for gcombobox via ... This needs to be incorporated into generic in gWidgets are

  • fix to visible<-

  • fix typo in addhandlerkeystroke for gtext

Changes for version 0.0-44

  • fix handler code in gcheckboxgroup (Giles)

Changes for version 0.0-41

  • fix to .add in ggroup to take RGtk2 default alignment

  • fix to gedit -- if no [<- call, then no completion is created.

Changes for version 0.0-40

  • attempts to speed things up.

Changes for version 0.0-39

  • fix to EventBox(es) so that under windows the coloring is consistent.

Changes for version 0.0-38

  • fixed bug with markup argument in gframe, yalign property

  • fixed bug with width argument in gedit

Changes for version 0.0-37

  • fix to gtree. Bug with single column offspring.

Changes for version 0.0-35

  • changes to NAMESPACE to get pass check cleanly

  • fixed issue with S4 methods and oldClasses by avoiding the whole thing

Changes for version 0.0-34

  • fixes to gcheckboxgroup: a bug fix with [<- and ability to change length of items using obj[]<- construct.

Changes for version 0.0-33

  • changes to docs, DESCRIPTION to pass R CMD check.

Changes for version 0.0-32

  • minor bug fix for gedit also glabel(editable=TRUE)

Changes for version 0.0-30

  • Fixed bug with gradio and selected

  • added tests directory to run tests from gWidgets package

Changes for version 0.0-30

  • Changed definition of basic widgets to use ANY instead of a class union that container either guiWidget, gWidgetRGtk2 or RGtkObject. The new is feature of 2.7.0 was messing this up. Should fix this.

  • new function as.gWidgetsRGtk2 for coercing an RGtkObject object into a gWidgetsRGtk2 object

  • added anchor argument to ggroup

  • fixed glayout so that visible assignment is not needed. The widget now resizes dynamically when asked. Added expand argument, and anchor argument.

  • fixed handler for gradio.

  • added handlers blockHandler, unblockHandler. These may be useful when updating a widget's values causes a handler to be called

  • gwindow. Add menubars, toolbars, and statusbars directly to the top level gwindow object

  • gtext: added addHandlerKeystroke. The value h$keystroke contains the key

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0.0-86.1 by John Verzani, 13 days ago

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Authors: Michael Lawrence , John Verzani

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GPL (>= 2) license

Depends on methods, grDevices, utils, graphics, RGtk2, gWidgets, cairoDevice

Depended on by AtelieR, MissingDataGUI, PKgraph.

Suggested by Blaunet, LifeTables, MODIStsp.

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