European Commission Annual Macro-Economic (AMECO) Database

Annual macro-economic database provided by the European Commission.

AMECO Dataset

This package contains the entire European Commission Annual macro-economic (AMECO) database in a format amenable to analysis in R.

The AMECO database was last updated: 9 November 2016.

Install it from either CRAN or Github:

# From Github

The dataset is in a clean, long format:

## # A tibble: 6 × 8
##                code                           country   sub.chapter
##               <chr>                             <chr>         <chr>
## 1 EU28.                    European Union 01 Population
## 2 EU15.     European Union (15 countries) 01 Population
## 3 EA19.                         Euro area 01 Population
## 4 EA12.          Euro area (12 countries) 01 Population
## 5 DU15. EU15 (including D_W West-Germany) 01 Population
## 6 DA12. EA12 (including D_W West-Germany) 01 Population
## # ... with 5 more variables: title <chr>, unit <chr>, cntry <chr>,
## #   year <dbl>, value <dbl>

Filtering with the sub.chapter variable allows you to easily find the variable of interest:

ameco %>% 
  filter(sub.chapter == "01 Population") %>% 
  .$title %>% 
## [1] "Total population (National accounts)"
## [2] "Total population"                    
## [3] "Population: 0 to 14 years"           
## [4] "Population: 15 to 64 years"          
## [5] "Population: 65 years and over"

Being interested in the total population of a few countries, we can easily subset the data and plot the results:

ameco %>% 
  filter(title == "Total population",
         year == 2015,
         cntry %in% c("USA", "JPN", "DEU", "FRA", "ESP", "ITA")) %>% 
  ggplot(aes(x = reorder(country, -value), y = value / 1000)) +
  geom_bar(stat = "identity") +
  theme_bw() +
  labs(x = NULL, y = "Population (millions)", title = "Total population")

This package is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the European Commission. I aim to update it whenever the AMECO database is updated. If you ever see that it is out-of-date, don't hesitate to send a pull request and/or remind me to update it.


Reference manual

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