Correlation and Regression Analyses for Randomized Response Data

Univariate and multivariate methods to analyze randomized response (RR) survey designs (e.g., Warner, S. L. (1965). Randomized response: A survey technique for eliminating evasive answer bias. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 60, 63–69, ). Besides univariate estimates of true proportions, RR variables can be used for correlations, as dependent variable in a logistic regression (with or without random effects), or as predictors in a linear regression (Heck, D. W., & Moshagen, M. (2018). RRreg: An R package for correlation and regression analyses of randomized response data. Journal of Statistical Software, 85(2), 1–29, ). For simulations and the estimation of statistical power, RR data can be generated according to several models. The implemented methods also allow to test the link between continuous covariates and dishonesty in cheating paradigms such as the coin-toss or dice-roll task (Moshagen, M., & Hilbig, B. E. (2017). The statistical analysis of cheating paradigms. Behavior Research Methods, 49, 724–732, ).


RRreg 0.7.0 (August 2018)

  • Bugfix for likelihood ratio test (LRT) in RRlog: refitting nested model if difference between Wald's-Chi^2 and LRT-Chi^2 is larger than one.
  • Improved documentation of summary output for RRlog

RRreg 0.6.9 (July 2018)

  • Bugfixes and consistent behavior of predict.RRlog() for the argument: type=c("link", "response", "attribute")
  • Bugfix for plot.RRlog and possibility to use type=c("link", "response", "attribute")

RRreg 0.6.8 (June 2018)

  • Citation updated: Heck, D. W., & Moshagen, M. (2018). RRreg: An R package for correlation and regression analyses of randomized response data. Journal of Statistical Software, 85 (2), 1-29. doi: 10.18637/jss.v085.i02

RRreg 0.6.6 (March 2018)

  • Bugfixes in predict.RRlog()

RRreg 0.6.5 (February 2018)

  • Improved stability of RRmixed(): Better starting values and estimation options

RRreg 0.6.3 (July 2017)

  • Fixed estimated standard error of univariate prevalence estimates (deviding by n-1 instead of n)
  • Fixed univariate estimates for Kuk's method

RRreg 0.6.2 (March 2017)

  • New RR Model: Triangular Model
  • Fixed image links in vignette
  • Selective import of package functions
  • Updated email address
  • Updated vignette

RRreg 0.6.0 (December 2015)

  • Bug fixes for RRsimu and RRuni

RRreg 0.5.0 (November 2015)

  • New function RRmixed() to fit logistic RR regressions with mixed effects (random slope/intercept in hierarchical models) using RR data based on lme4
  • New function getPW() to get misclassification matrices for the implemented RR designs
  • New data set 'minarets' for demonstration (type: data(minarets) )
  • Proper maximization in RRuni() to get ML estimates (instead of moment estimates)
  • Possibility to use a "custom"" RR misclassification matrix in RRuni, RRgen, and RRlog

RRreg 0.4.1 (July 2015)

  • New function plot.RRlog to plot predictions and confidence interval for a logistic RR regression
  • Bugfix in predict.RRlog
  • Random starting values in RRlog for fit.n=1
  • Updated dependencies

RRreg 0.3.0 (February 2015)

  • Logistic regression in RRlog now uses a combination of EM algorithm and gradient-based optimization (previously, only optim was used)
  • Compute predicted values (incl. SE and CI) for logistic RR regression by predict.RRlog
  • Bugfixes in RRlin for multiple nonRR predictors and infinite log-likelihood
  • More detailed documentation (specification of p in RRuni, available models for RRlin)

RRreg 0.2.0 (November 2014)

  • new function powerplot() to plot power of the three implemented multivariate RR methods
  • bootstrapped p-values in RRcor and correlations bound to [-1,1]
  • random starting values and repeated optimization in RRlin
  • RRsimu: increased stability; RRlin included; generating data for RRcor and RRlog separately; estimation of power
  • continuous mixture RR models: "mix.norm" and "mix.exp" added to RRgen, RRuni, and RRcor, "mix.unknown" added to RRuni and RRcor

RRreg 0.1.3 (September 2014)

  • first stable release of RRreg
  • data generation: RRgen, RRsimu
  • statistical analysis: RRuni, RRlog, RRcor, RRlin
  • one-group RR designs: Warner, Kuk, Mangat, FR, Crosswise UQTknown
  • two-group RR designs: UQTunknown, CDM, CDMsym, SLD

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0.7.1 by Daniel W. Heck, a year ago

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