Packages by Ran Gao

BinNonNor — 1.5.3

Data Generation with Binary and Continuous Non-Normal Components

BinNor — 2.3.3

Simultaneous Generation of Multivariate Binary and Normal Variates

BinOrdNonNor — 1.5.2

Concurrent Generation of Binary, Ordinal and Continuous Data

BivUnifBin — 1.3.3

Generation of Bivariate Uniform Data and Its Relation to Bivariate Binary Data

CorrToolBox — 1.6.4

Modeling Correlational Magnitude Transformations in Discretization Contexts

MultiOrd — 2.4.3

Generation of Multivariate Ordinal Variates

MultiRNG — 1.2.4

Multivariate Pseudo-Random Number Generation

OrdNor — 2.2.3

Concurrent Generation of Ordinal and Normal Data with Given Correlation Matrix and Marginal Distributions

PoisBinNonNor — 1.3.3

Data Generation with Poisson, Binary and Continuous Components

PoisBinOrd — 1.4.3

Data Generation with Poisson, Binary and Ordinal Components

PoisBinOrdNonNor — 1.5.3

Generation of Up to Four Different Types of Variables

PoisBinOrdNor — 1.6.3

Data Generation with Poisson, Binary, Ordinal and Normal Components

PoisNonNor — 1.6.3

Simultaneous Generation of Count and Continuous Data

PoisNor — 1.3.3

Simultaneous Generation of Multivariate Data with Poisson and Normal Marginals

UnivRNG — 1.2.3

Univariate Pseudo-Random Number Generation