Packages by Abbas Parchami

AR — 1.1

Another Look at the Acceptance-Rejection Method

Calculator.LR.FNs — 1.3

Calculator for LR Fuzzy Numbers


Four Essential Functions for Statistical Distributions Analysis: A New Functional Approach

EM.Fuzzy — 1.0

EM Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Non-Precise Information

FPV — 0.5

Testing Hypotheses via Fuzzy P-Value in Fuzzy Environment

Fuzzy.p.value — 1.1

Computing Fuzzy p-Value

FuzzyNumbers.Ext.2 — 3.2

Apply Two Fuzzy Numbers on a Monotone Function

Sim.PLFN — 1.0

Simulation of Piecewise Linear Fuzzy Numbers

Weighted.Desc.Stat — 1.0

Weighted Descriptive Statistics