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Packages by Jose Samos

flattabler — 2.1.1

Obtaining a Flat Table from Pivot Tables

geodimension — 2.0.0

Definition of Geographic Dimensions

geogenr — 2.0.1

Generator from American Community Survey Geodatabases

geomultistar — 1.2.1

Multidimensional Queries Enriched with Geographic Data

moodef — 1.0.0

Defining 'Moodle' Elements from R

rolap — 2.5.1

Obtaining Star Databases from Flat Tables

satres — 1.1.1

Grouping Satellite Bands by Spectral and Spatial Resolution

starschemar — 1.2.4

Obtaining Stars from Flat Tables

when — 1.0.0

Definition of Date and Time Dimension Tables