Packages by Joe Song

CircularSilhouette — 0.0.1

Fast Silhouette on Circular or Linear Data Clusters

Ckmeans.1d.dp — 4.3.5

Optimal, Fast, and Reproducible Univariate Clustering

DiffXTables — 0.1.3

Pattern Analysis Across Contingency Tables

FunChisq — 2.5.4

Model-Free Functional Chi-Squared and Exact Tests

GridOnClusters —

Cluster-Preserving Multivariate Joint Grid Discretization

OptCirClust — 0.0.4

Circular, Periodic, or Framed Data Clustering: Fast, Optimal, and Reproducible

TreeDimensionTest — 0.0.2

Trajectory Presence and Heterogeneity in Multivariate Data