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Packages by Bryan A. Hanson

ChemoSpec — 6.1.9

Exploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy

ChemoSpec2D — 0.5.0

Exploratory Chemometrics for 2D Spectroscopy

ChemoSpecUtils — 1.0.3

Functions Supporting Packages ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D

FuncMap — 1.0.10

Hive Plots of R Package Function Calls

HiveR — 0.3.63

2D and 3D Hive Plots for R

LearnPCA — 0.2.0

Functions, Data Sets and Vignettes to Aid in Learning Principal Components Analysis (PCA)

LindenmayeR — 0.1.13

Functions to Explore L-Systems (Lindenmayer Systems)

SpecHelpers — 0.2.7

Spectroscopy Related Utilities

exCon — 0.2.5

Interactive Exploration of Contour Data

readJDX — 0.6.4

Import Data in the JCAMP-DX Format

roxut — 0.4.0

Document Unit Tests Roxygen-Style