Packages by Daniel Grose

CatReg — 2.0.3

Solution Paths for Linear and Logistic Regression Models with Categorical Predictors, with SCOPE Penalty

IndepTest — 0.2.0

Nonparametric Independence Tests Based on Entropy Estimation

RcppEigenAD — 1.0.0

Compiles 'C++' Code using 'Rcpp', 'Eigen' and 'CppAD' to Produce First and Second Order Partial Derivatives

RobKF — 1.0.2

Innovative and/or Additive Outlier Robust Kalman Filtering

anomaly — 4.0.2

Detecting Anomalies in Data

cpop — 1.0.0

Detection of Multiple Changes in Slope in Univariate Time-Series

crops — 1.0.3

Changepoints for a Range of Penalties (CROPS)

mvLSW — 1.2.5

Multivariate, Locally Stationary Wavelet Process Estimation