Packages by Colin Millar

ef — 1.2.0

Modelling Framework for the Estimation of Salmonid Abundance

icesAdvice — 2.1.1

Functions Related to ICES Advice

icesConnect — 1.0.0

Provides User Tokens for Access to ICES Web Services

icesDatras — 1.4.0

DATRAS Trawl Survey Database Web Services

icesDatsu — 1.1.0

Functions to Interact with the ICES Data Submission Utility (DATSU)

icesDatsuQC — 1.0.0

Run Quality Checks on Data Prior to Submission to ICES

icesSAG — 1.4.0

Stock Assessment Graphs Database Web Services

icesSD — 2.0.0

Stock Database Web Services

icesTAF — 4.1.0

Functions to Support the ICES Transparent Assessment Framework

icesVocab — 1.2.0

ICES Vocabularies Database Web Services

rct3 — 1.0.4

Predict Fish Year-Class Strength from Survey Data