Thurstonian Models for Sensory Discrimination

Provides methods for sensory discrimination methods; duotrio, tetrad, triangle, 2-AFC, 3-AFC, A-not A, same-different, 2-AC and degree-of-difference. This enables the calculation of d-primes, standard errors of d-primes, sample size and power computations, and comparisons of different d-primes. Methods for profile likelihood confidence intervals and plotting are included.


This file documents updates and changes in package sensR since version 1.0.0

Oct. 9. 2009:

  • betabin has been completely rewritten with option to choose the chance corrected beta-binomial model as well as the ordinary beta-binomial model.
  • discrim, discrimPwr, discrimSS and findcr have been updated to allow for difference as well as similarity tests and have grown an argument 'pd0 = 0' to indicate the proportion of discriminators in the population. All help pages have been updated.
  • references updated in help files to published same-diff paper and in-press GLIM paper

June 17. 2010: version 1.2.0:

  • the twoAC() function and its print method is introduced for estimation of d-prime and tau in the 2-AC protocol
  • the clls function and its methods are no longer supported. The user is adviced to use clm() from package ordinal instead.

July 20. 2010: version 1.2.1:

  • the following methods for twoAC objects are now available: confint, profile, confint.profile and plot.profile.

October 13. 2010: version 1.2.2:

  • rescale function and additional auxiliary (psyfun, psyinv, psyderiv, pc2pd, pd2pc) functions included
  • major revision of betabin: argument Pguess has been removed and the method argument is now the sensory discrimination protocol rather than the parameterization of the beta-binomial model. The summary method has gained the argument level instead of alpha. The results of the summary method are much more extensive with results in terms of Pc, Pd and d-prime.
  • revision of findcr function. It is now faster and more reliable since it is using uniroot rather than a simple while loop and an explicit test that the return value is in fact the critical value is conducted.
  • Error in discrimSim for the threeAFC method corrected.

October 28. 2010: version 1.2.3:

  • major revision of discrim, discrimPwr and discrimSS including confint.discrim, profile.discrim, print.discrim and plot.profile.discrim.

November 25. 2010: version 1.2.4:

  • Vignette 'Methodology' describes the statistical methodology of sensory discrimination tests.
  • Added the convenience functions d.primePwr and d.primeSS.

November 26. 2010: version 1.2.5:

  • print.anota is fixed.
  • confint.anota and plot.anota functions added and documented in the AnotA help file. Examples added to help page.

December 9. 2010: version 1.2.6:

  • corrections made to Statistical Methodology vignette.

March 3. 2011: version 1.2.7:

  • major update of twoAC implementation
  • added exact power computations for the 2-AC protocol in function twoACpwr

March 8. 2011: version 1.2.8:

  • added clm2twoAC function for extracting 2-AC parameters etc. from cumulative link models (clm[m]s from package ordinal)
  • including "Examples for 2-AC paper" as vignette

April 8. 2011: version 1.2.9:

  • correcting t and f as logicals in sweave vignettes to TRUE and FALSE (mail from Brian Ripley 11-04-08)

May 10. 2011: version 1.2.10:

  • completing partially matched arguments.

August 12. 2011: version 1.2.11:

  • updating clm2twoAC() to accomodate change to ordinal::clm

August 19. 2011: version 1.2.12:

  • interchanging the second and third arguments of AUC.default

September 23. 2011: version 1.2.13:

  • bug in plot.discrim (mean separation of perceptual curves was wrong) corrected.

November 14. 2011: version 1.2.14:

  • completing partially matched argument lower -> lower.tail in pnorm.

January 26-27. 2012: version 1.2.15:

  • formatting coefficient table and p-values from print.summary.betabin with printCoefmat and format.pval.
  • updating the description of the data argument to the twoAC function.
  • printing coef table in print.twoAC with more reasonable no. digits.
  • printing coef table in print.summary.samediff with printCoefmat.
  • moving vignettes to vignette subdirectory.
  • considerable improvements to the triangle family object using the non-central F distribution for the inverse link function.
  • introducing links.R file in tests subdirectory currently only testing the triangle link.
  • introducing files for examples and tests.
  • profile.discrim now returns a data.frame in which only finite values are kept.
  • major update of the threeAFC link function: it now gives reasonable answers in boundary cases (linkinv, linkfun and mu.eta).

February 6. 2012: version 1.2.16:

  • triangle()$mu.eta() now using a direct expression rather than numDeriv::grad.
  • major update of duotrio and twoAFC family objects; they now work in boundary cases and use effecient computations.

June 7. 2012: version 1.2-17:

  • tetrad() family object uncluded.
  • Full support for tetrad tests in discrim, d.primePwr, d.primeSS, discrimSim, rescale, psyfun, psyinv, psyderiv, betabin.

October 30. 2012: version 1.2-18:

  • power functions singled out in R/power.R
  • minor adjustments to print.discrim

March 15. 2013: version 1.2-19:

  • Major update of power and sample size computations for the binomial methods. Now stable exact sample sizes and continuity adjusted normal approximate sample sizes are provided.
  • print.discrim now says that the p-value is one-sided and that the confidence interval is two-sided.

July 24. 2013: version 1.2-20:

  • Documentation bug reported by Mike Allerhand (2013-07-09) in SDT fixed.

September 5. 2013: version 1.2-22:

  • Adding support for ANOVA-type tests of d-primes using the functions dprime_compare, dprime_test, dprime_table and posthoc.dprime_compare/posthoc.dprime_test.

September 10. 2013:

  • updating various man-pages with 'tetrad' information and links.

October 1. 2013:

  • Removing calls to '::' and ':::' in R codebase.
  • Moving 'ordinal' from Depends to Suggests, 'numDeriv' from Depends to Imports, 'MASS' from Suggests to Imports.
  • Adding ByteCompile: yes to Description file.
  • Now using import(MASS) to fetch the confint.glm method from MASS and adding test for confing.anota to check that the right confint method is actually used.
  • Deprecating function 'clls'.
  • Using if(require(ordinal)) in examples, tests and vignettes where needed.
  • Adding 'ordinal' to vignetteDepends for the twoACexamples vignette.
  • Adding \dontshow{} tests to examples in .Rd files rather than having an file in ./tests/Examples to avoid problems with minor numerical differences across platforms and architectures.

October 20. 2013:

  • Ensuring that the package will work under R-2.15.3 (and older?) by modifying tests in discrimSim.Rd and ./inst/tests/test-links.R.

May 7th 2014 (version 1.4-0):

  • Implementing support for the Degree-of-Difference method: dod, dod_fit, dodSim, dodPwr, dodControl, optimal_tau.

June 25th 2014 (version 1.4-1):

  • Allowing negative d-primes in AUC.default (reported by Andreas Melzer June 25th 2014)

July 8th 2014 (version 1.4-1)

  • Correcting formulae for beta-binomial and chance-corrected beta-binomial models in documentation (Thanks to Peter Nowee for reporting).
  • Adding d.prime0 (value of d-prime under the null hypothesis) as an argument to discrim.

December 23rd 2014 (version 1.4-4)

  • Coercing package title to title-case.
  • Editing dodPwr() example to reduce computation time

January 21st 2015 (version 1.4-5)

  • Updating Citation information per CRAN request.

March 2nd 2015 (version 1.4-6)

  • Changing package maintainer from Rune H B Christensen to Per B Brockhoff.

July 16th 2015 (version 1.4-6)

  • submition to CRAN
  • cosmetic changes in NAMESPACE file: fixing warnings: no visible global function definition
  • in descrim.R and discrimR.R changed probit to "probit" in order to fix NOTES issues in CRAN check

March 14th 2016 (version 1.4-7)

  • cosmetic changes in test-disrim_pd0.R due to new version of testthat package

August 24 2017 (version 1.5-0)

  • new submission to CRAN with a number of additions
  • new link functions 'twofive' (two out of five), 'twofiveF' (two out of five with forgiveness), and the 'hexad' have been implemented by Karolina Stachlewska.
  • the so-called double methods have been implemented (initially) by Sophie Birot and ported to current sensR by Rune Christensen.

April 25 2018 (version 1.5-1)

  • Adjust tests of dod: lower numerical tolerance and remove tests of warnings that do not happen on all systems.
  • Adding Url and BugReports fields to Description (

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Authors: Rune Haubo Bojesen Christensen [aut] , Per Bruun Brockhoff [aut, cre] , Alexandra Kuznetsova [ctb] , Sophie Birot [ctb] , Karolina Amelia Stachlewska [ctb]

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