Tools for Analyzing Non-Uniform Pseudo-Random Variate Generators

Test suite for non-uniform pseudo-random number generators.


Version 0.7.4: 2014-02-26

    - the package vignette does not build with R version
      prior to 3.0.0.

Version 0.7.2: 2014-02-21

    - submitted to CRAN.

Version 0.7.1: 2013-10-08

- moved inst/doc/ into vignettes/

Version 0.7.0: 2013-07-30

- rvgt.ftable(): fixed handling of discrete random number 
      generators (like rgeom()) that return numbers of class 
  "integer" instead of "numeric".

- testsuite: replaced 'RUnit' by 'testthat'. 

Version 0.6.0: 2012-02-02

- rvgt.ftable(), uerror() and xerror() now accept a
  generator object from the 'Runuran' package as argument 

- rvgt.ftable(): argument 'n' must be >= 100.

- rvgt.ftable(): added support for discrete distributions.

Version 0.5.0: 2010-07-12

- submitted to CRAN.

Version 0.4.0: 2010-07-09

- added print methods for all S3 classes.

- rvgt.ftable(), uerror() and xerror() now have a 
  new argument 'trunc'.

- class 'rvgt.ierror' now also contains arrays 'mad' and 'mse'
      for the mean absolute deviation and the mean squared error, resp.

- plot.rvgt.ierror() now accepts NA for argument 'tol'.
      This is equivalent to not providing the argument at all.

Version 0.3.2: 2010-07-01

- function rvgt.ftable() now also accepts NULL for
  arguments 'qdist' and 'pdist'. This is equivalent
  to not providing the argument at all.

Version 0.3.1: 2010-06-15

- added vignette.

Version 0.3.0: 2010-05-31

- added new functions for analysing numerical errors of
  approximate inverse distribution functions:

  . uerror()
  . xerror()
  . plot.ierror()

- function rvgt.ftable():

  . argument 'breaks' now accepts vector of break points
  . new argument 'exactu'
- renamed functions:
  . rvgt.pertadd() --> pertadd()
  . rvgt.pertsub() --> pertsub()

Version 0.2.1: 2009-10-28

- first public release.

Reference manual

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0.7.4 by Josef Leydold, 7 years ago

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Authors: Josef Leydold and Sougata Chaudhuri <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Suggests Runuran, testthat

Suggested by Tinflex.

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