A Report Templating System

Facilitating the creation of reproducible statistical report templates. Once created, rapport templates can be exported to various external formats (HTML, LaTeX, PDF, ODT etc.) with pandoc as the converter backend.


rapport 1.0 (2013-12-06)


We started the rapport package back in 2011 but never thought of that the version number should ever exceed ONE - because we are shy guys. Now, almost 3 years later, so much stuff have changes in the package, that time has come for a major version bump. Most important updates since the birth of the package:

  • dropped dependecy packages (evaluate and ascii) and implemented custom solutions for our custom needs
  • some part of the package were out-sourced to the pander package in the name of modularity
  • pander became more popular compared to rapport
  • new syntax for template headers with YAML syntax instead our custom solution
  • new file extension (rapport instead of tpl) not to confuse new-comers
  • bunch of fiddles with naming conventions
  • build a production-ready system on the top of the package at rapporter.net
  • take part in Google Summer of Code 2013 increasing the number of available templates

Most recent changes since 0.51:

  • helpers and statistical functions move to rapportools package
  • ditched the rp prefix for all those (rp.max became max -- for those who load the package directly)
  • ditched tpl prefix for tempalte functions as was confusing and every rapport template specific function starts with rapport now
  • changing dependencies to Imports instead of cluttering the global namespace
  • code review and doc update
  • new variables available for easy access of template metadata (rapport.data, rapport.template, rapport.inputs)

Please note that the functions can still be accessed by the old names to preserve backward-compatibility, but will be definitely removed later to keep the clutter in the namespace at a minimal level. So please be advised to update your functions if building on the top (or parts) of rapport.

Full list of changed function and variable names:

Function name changes:

  • tpl.find -> rapport.read
  • tpl.tangle -> rapport.tangle
  • tpl.list -> rapport.ls
  • tpl.header -> rapport.header
  • tpl.body -> rapport.body
  • tpl.info -> rapport.info
  • tpl.meta -> rapport.meta
  • tpl.inputs -> rapport.inputs
  • tpl.example -> rapport.example
  • tpl.rerun -> rapport.rerun
  • tpl.renew -> rapport.renew
  • tpl.export -> rapport.export
  • tpl.check -> rapport.check.template
  • tpl.paths -> rapport.path
  • tpl.paths.reset -> rapport.path.reset
  • tpl.paths.add -> rapport.path.add
  • tpl.paths.remove -> rapport.path.remove

Variable name changes inside of templates:

  • rp.data -> rapport.data

Option name changes:

  • tpl.file.name -> rapport.file.name
  • tpl.file.path -> rapport.file.path
  • tpl.user -> rapport.user
  • rp.use.labels -> rapport.user.labels
  • tpl.paths -> rapport.path
  • rp.tags -> rapport.tags
  • graph.reply -> rapport.graph.replay


  • rp.meta -> rapport.meta
  • rp.inputs -> rapport.inputs

rapport 0.51 (2013-05-06)


  • matchable inputs do not use match.arg for matching any more. Instead, a simple %in% with indexing is used, so exact match is required.
  • value attribute is not used to store values that you choose from - options attribute is used instead, with value holding the (default) value(s) from the options list.
  • new attribute allow_multiple was introduced in matchable inputs. If TRUE, it will allow one to match values from options list multiple times. Defaults to FALSE.
  • for factor matchable inputs, matching is not performed on factor levels, but on values (just like in character inputs).

rapport 0.5 (2013-02-18)


  • Template header specification is rewritten. Custom cumbersome syntax is no more, and the header content is 100% pure YAML. See ?tpl.meta and ?tpl.inputs for details on new metadata and input specification.
  • Input specification relies on R class system, and the old one is deprecated (though kept for backwards compatibility). Only atomic vector classes are currently supported: character, complex, integer, logical, numeric and raw.
  • More robust length checks are manageable via exactly and min/max attributes.
  • option inputs are removed. You should use matchable attribute in character and factor inputs instead. Multiple matches are now allowed.
  • boolean, string and number inputs are removed and logical, character and numeric are to be used instead, respectively.
  • Added integer and raw inputs.
  • Fine-tune control over inputs is achieved via class-specific options that resemble native R object methods and/or attributes, e.g. nlevels for factors, or nchar for character vectors.


  • Added yaml package to dependencies.
  • tpl.inputs and tpl.meta will now perform validation of inputs and metadata, respectively. Warnings are issued if unsupported fields are found.
  • dataRequired metadata attribute is deprecated. Dataset is required if the template contains non-standalone inputs (see ?tpl.inputs for details).


  • Duplicate input names are not allowed in the templates.
  • is.empty now returns TRUE for zero-length objects.


rapport 0.4 (2012-08-04)


  • removed ascii and evaluate packages and introduced pander

    This was a quite big change in the backend which resulted in some removed functions of prior version. For example tpl.tangle is dropped temporarily and most of the custom options were moved to panderOptions() and evalsOptions() from pander package.

  • the repository was moved to Rapporter's organisation GH account from @aL3xa

rapport 0.33


  • towards method/class-based reporting (issue #42)


  • removing most packages from 'Depends' and using NAMESPACE imports instead
  • rearrange "templates" directory: subtemplates and internationalized templates goes to separate directories


  • typos in templates

rapport 0.32 (2012-02-18)


  • New global options:
    • to specify exported documents and generated images (dynamic) name and path
    • to generate "portable" HTML files
  • raw pandoc/asciidoc etc. outputs are also saved with appropriate extension


  • removing makes.plot function
  • performance boost in rp.prettyascii (rounding)
  • tpl.export returns the generated document's filename
  • tweaks in htest


  • fixed: deadlinks in exported documents to Rapport homepage
  • fixed: NULL-indexing bug in tpl.meta

rapport 0.31 (2012-02-08)

This is a hotfix release:

  • fixed .onLoad/windowsFont call error
  • fixed #47 (https://github.com/rapporter/rapport/issues/36) of custom RefClassField
  • removed RJSONIO dependency (just like: table.json function)
  • small documentation and CSS tweaks

rapport 0.3 (2012-02-07)


  • Introduced own skewness() and kurtosis() functions to get rid of moments dependency.
  • Option (default set to FALSE) to view generated plots without exporting (replayPlot)
  • Same option let users resize generated (and saved) images on the fly while printing rapport classes and later exporting


  • Removed moments and latticeExtra from package dependencies.
  • Updated demo
  • rapport() will now check for packages specified in the template header and throw error if something goes wrong while loading.
  • tpl.example now uses readlines instead of reading from stdin (Windows and Eclipse/StatET bug)
  • tpl.export now checks if specified backend is installed and throws an error if not.
  • Checking if a plot was generated in evals is done with the help of replayPlot instead of file size checks (for OS independence).


  • Windows path issue
  • Windows default grDevice bug with checking if a plot was generated (by checking file size changes)
  • Formatting issues with non-pandoc backends

rapport 0.2 (2012-02-04)

Initial CRAN release.

Reference manual

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1.0 by Gergely Daróczi, 5 years ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/rapporter/rapport/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/rapport

Authors: Aleksandar Blagotić <[email protected]> and Gergely Daróczi <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Reproducible Research, Web Technologies and Services

AGPL-3 license

Imports grDevices, utils, yaml, stringr, rapportools, pander

System requirements: pandoc (http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc) for exporting markdown files to other formats.

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