Generate Random Given and Surnames

Function for generating random gender and ethnicity correct first and/or last names. Names are chosen proportionally based upon their probability of appearing in a large scale data base of real names.


randomNames 1.4-0.0

  • Fixed issue with NAs embedded in ethnicity and gender returning wrong data later.

randomNames 1.0-0.0

  • Shortened and improved the title of the package.

randomNames 1.0-0.0

  • Changed numbering of releases from 3 to 4 digits.
  • Created real vignette and fixed everything up for a nice 1.0-0.0 release.

randomNames 0.6-0

  • Converted NEWS to and added that to repo.

randomNames 0.5-0

  • Adding vignette and building website.

randomNames 0.4-0

  • Added Middle-Eastern names (ethnicity=6) to data base.

randomNames 0.3-0

  • Fixed bug leading to incorrect re-ordering of results so that they didn't match input.

randomNames 0.2-0

  • Cleaned up documentation.
  • Fixed GitHub pull requests.

randomNames 0.0-7

  • Changed randomNamesData to environment.

randomNames 0.0-6

  • Changed DESCRIPTION to Import data.table.

randomNames 0.0-5

  • Fixed key to accomodate changes in data.table 1.7.8.

randomNames 0.0-4

  • Added NAMESPACE.

randomNames 0.0-3

  • Modified function to adapt to improvements in data.table.

randomNames 0.0-2

  • Refined function to recode supplied gender and ethnicity argument/variables if not in function appropriate form.

randomNames 0.0-1

  • Package Released.

Reference manual

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