Package to Patch '.dvi' or '.synctex' Files

Functions to patch specials in '.dvi' files, or entries in '.synctex' files. Works with concordance=TRUE in Sweave or knitr to link sources to previews.


0.1 to 0.4:

Quick initial releases.

0.5: Fixes bug in handling of named chunks. Changes (and shrinks) format of inserted special.

0.6: Removed concordance during patching, to avoid Miktex bug.

0.7: Removed limitation on changing the size of a special.

0.8: Allowed specials to be removed by setting their value to NA in setDVIspecials.

0.9: Add expand=FALSE option.

1.0: Move Sweave changes into R-devel, delete them from patchDVI

1.1: Allow it to run pdflatex (just to set the include directory)

1.2: Case-insensitive filename matching. ChangeLog renamed to NEWS. Updated memory management to 2.6.x scheme.

1.3: Use texify instead of latex/pdflatex in SweaveMiktex/SweavePDFMiktex Use normalizePath so that path comparisons are more reliable.

1.4: Add experimental patching of SyncTex output. Allow options to be specified on the command line.

1.5: Add stylepath and ... args to SweaveMiktex for more flexibility. Add BugReports field to DESCRIPTION.

1.6: Add source.code arg to SweaveMiktex and SweavePDFMiktex to allow experimental versions of Sweave to be used.

1.7: Add SweaveAll, SweavePDF, SweaveDVI, as well as handling .PostSweaveHook, .SweaveFiles and .TexRoot (see ?SweaveAll). Added modified version of tools::texi2dvi. Added vignette. Added preview option to Sweave* functions.

  Fixed bugs in patchDVI:  no message printed, missed
  .tex files that were included by \input{filename}.

1.8.1583: Made an attempt to handle compressed PDF files by using pdftk to uncompress them.

  Fixed bug in concordance inclusion into PDF files in Sweave;
   adapted code here to handle it (for R > 2.12.2).
  Added grepConcords method (using new grepRaw function).
  Texworks on Windows needs Unix line endings on the Synctex
   file; we now produce those on all platforms.
  Fixed crash on file with no concordance.
  Missing .tex files were not being built by SweaveAll().
  Updated to handle new concordance format in R-devel (2.14.0-to-be).
  Added .SweaveMake variable to override the make arg to SweaveAll.

1.8.1584: In SweavePDF and SweaveDVI, wrapped texi2dvi call in try() in case of bad return status.

1.8.1585: Added quick start instructions, and editor instructions.

1.9: Cleaned up for CRAN release.

1.9.1594: Added SweaveDVIPDFM to allow users to use latex/dvipdfm rather than pdflatex. Updated the TeXShop and TeXWorks instructions. Added vignette for Japanese language work. Added patchLog function to patch messages in log files. Added patchLog option to the Sweave* functions to call patchLog. Added "sleep" parameter to the Miktex Sweave* functions.

1.9.1616: Modified SweaveAll and patchSynctex to allow non-Sweave vignette support (aimed at knitr). Added useknitr() and defSconcordance() functions for the same aim. Improved Japanese language support, and updated the Japanese.Rnw vignette with the help of Prof. Haruhiko Okumura.

Reference manual

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1.10.1 by Duncan Murdoch, 2 years ago

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Authors: Duncan Murdoch

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports utils, tools

Suggests knitr

System requirements: The 'Japanese.Rnw' vignette requires uplatex and dvipdfmx.

See at CRAN