Named Capture Regular Expressions

User-friendly wrappers for named capture regular expressions. Introduction and comparison in research paper by Hocking (2019), R Journal. RE2 engine ('re2r' package) <> was removed from CRAN in Mar 2020 so must be installed from github.



vignette typo fixes.


Suggest re2r, namedCapture.engine()


un-named list interpreted as non-capturing group.



nested capture groups syntax in *_variable using named list.



remove subject arg from df_match_variable in order to support column named "subject"

2018.11.21 PR#6


more informative error messages for str_match*named functions.

Suggest data.table for testing.

2018.11.20 PR#5

*_variable functions accept lists which are parsed recursively.

2018.11.19 PR#4

*_variable functions which use variable number of arguments.

2017.06.01 PR#3


2017.01.15 PR#2

Informative errors when type.list is unusual.

2015.12.01 PR#1

Coveralls badge, 100% test coverage via jimhester/covr.


str_match_named was sometimes incorrectly issuing a warning when given NA subjects, but this is now fixed.

When type.list is supplied, data.frame(stringsAsFactors=FALSE) is now used to create the data.frame from the character match groups matrix. This allows simple numerical conversions using functions like as.numeric and as.integer (before, we got unexpected results since those functions take the factor ID number).


Test optional groups, set NA before calling substring to avoid "NAs introduced by coercion" warning.


stop with informative errors for pathological subjects and patterns.


first version forked from str_match*perl in my .Rprofile. There are several differences:

  • the "name" group is used for rownames,
  • the entire match is not returned (only the groups),
  • str_match_named is vectorized (str_match_perl was not),
  • names are taken from subject if present.

Reference manual

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2020.4.1 by Toby Dylan Hocking, a year ago

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Authors: Toby Dylan Hocking

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GPL-3 license

Suggests testthat, data.table, re2r, knitr, rmarkdown, rex, dplyr, tidyr, rematch2

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