Microeconomic Analysis and Modelling

Various tools for microeconomic analysis and microeconomic modelling, e.g. estimating quadratic, Cobb-Douglas and Translog functions, calculating partial derivatives and elasticities of these functions, and calculating Hessian matrices, checking curvature and preparing restrictions for imposing monotonicity of Translog functions.



Please note that only the most significant changes are reported here. A full ChangeLog is available in the log messages of the SVN repository on R-Forge.

        CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-14  (2017-03-16)
  • added predict() methods for objects returned by quadFuncEst() and translogEst()

  • moved function translogRayEst() and associated functions to a development version of a new package called micEconDist (not yet available on CRAN)

  • moved functions for calculating price and quantity indices to a development version of a new package called micEconIndex (not yet available on CRAN)

  • moved function logDataSet() from package "miscTools" to this package

  • logDataSet() now also works for (panel) data sets that were created by pdata.frame()

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-12  (2014-04-22)
  • 'micEcon' no loger depends on package 'miscTools' but imports this package

  • no panel data (e.g. cross-sectional data): fixed the returned 'model.matrix' in the presence of categorical explanatory variables

  • panel data: the returned object no longer includes the 'model.matrix'

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-10  (2012-06-02)
  • internal change, not relevant for the user

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-8  (2012-06-01)
  • separated tools for non-parametric microeconomic analysis into a new package micEconNP (currently only available via micEcon's RForge site)

  • added data set "appleProdFr86"

  • quadFuncEst() and translogEst() now return components "r2" and "r2bar" also when a panel data model was estimated by plm()

  • if the data set is a panel data frame, quadFuncEst(), and hence, also translogEst(), should call plm() rather than lm() again (the class name of panel data frames has changed)

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-6
  • translogCheckMono() now automatically removes the coefficients of shifter variables before it calls translogDeriv() so that it can be used also with models that have shifter variables now

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-4
  • removed argument "quadHalf" of many functions for econometric analysis with the translog and quadratic functional form, because this argument is confusing and not really helpful

  • translogCheckMono() now can check whether a translog function is monotonically decreasing in some explanatory variables and monotonically increasing in other explanatory variables

  • the "micEcon" package no longer depends on the "systemfit" package but suggests it now

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-2
  • The "micEcon" package has been split into three packages again: a) micEconSNQP (version >= 0.6-0): includes all functions and methods for production analysis with the Symmetric Normalized Profit (SNQ) function. b) micEconCES (version >= 0.6-0): includes all functions and methods for economic analysis with the Constant Elasticity of Scale (CES) function. c) micEcon (version >= 0.6-0): includes the remaining parts of the previous version of the micEcon package

  • function ".micEconLogData" has been moved from the "micEcon" package to the "miscTools" package and was renamed as "logDataSet"

          CHANGES IN VERSION 0.6-0
  • The "micEcon" package has been split into three packages: a) miscTools (version >= 0.6-0): includes miscellaneous small tools and utilities that are not related to (micro)economics, e.g. colMedians(), rowMedians(), insertCol(), insertRow(), vecli(), symMatrix(), triang(), semidefiniteness(), compPlot(), and rSquared(). b) micEconAids (version >= 0.6-0): includes all functions and methods for demand analysis with the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS). c) micEcon (version >= 0.6-0): includes the remaining parts of the "old" micEcon package

  • please take a look at the log messages of the SVN repository on R-Forge

Reference manual

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0.6-14 by Arne Henningsen, 4 years ago


Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/micEcon

Authors: Arne Henningsen

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Econometrics

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports miscTools, plm

Suggests Ecdat, systemfit

Imported by micEconCES.

Depended on by frontier, micEconAids.

Suggested by micEconIndex, micEconSNQP.

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