Advanced Statistical Methods to Model and Adjust for Bias in Meta-Analysis

The following methods are implemented to evaluate how sensitive the results of a meta-analysis are to potential bias in meta-analysis and to support Schwarzer et al. (2015) , Chapter 5 'Small-Study Effects in Meta-Analysis': - Copas selection model described in Copas & Shi (2001) ; - limit meta-analysis by Rücker et al. (2011) ; - upper bound for outcome reporting bias by Copas & Jackson (2004) ; - imputation methods for missing binary data by Gamble & Hollis (2005) and Higgins et al. (2008) .


*** metasens, version 0.3-2, 2017-12-06 ***

** Major changes **

  • Version of R package meta must be larger or equal 4.9-0

  • For limit meta-analysis, R_b measure of between-study heterogeneity added (Crippa et al., 2016, DOI:10.1002/sim.6980)

  • P-values can be printed in scientific notation

  • P-values equal to 0 are actually printed as "0" instead of "< 0.0001"

  • Thousands separator can be used in printouts and forest plots for large numbers

** User-visible changes **

  • print.summary.limitmeta():
    • new argument print.Rb to specify if heterogeneity measure should be shown in output

** Internal changes **

  • Code customisations due to changes in R package meta, version 4.9-0

*** metasens, version 0.3-1, 2016-10-15 ***

** User-visible changes **

  • plot.copas():
    • default label on x-axis in two bottom plots should read '... largest se' instead of '... largest sd'

2016-02-16, version 0.3-0

Version of R package meta must be larger or equal 4.0-0

Function copas:

  • new argument 'sign.rsb' (which has been available in function summary.copas since version 0.6-3 of R package copas)
  • use internal chklevel function from R package meta to check significance level

Functions plot.copas, print.copas and summary.copas:

  • consider default value for argument 'sign.rsb' from copas object
  • use internal chklevel function from R package meta to check significance level

Function print.copas:

  • bug fix such that other values for sign.rsb than 0.1 are considered
  • use internal chklevel function from R package meta to check significance level

Function limitmeta:

  • argument 'sm' removed (not necessary)
  • set z- and p-value of adjusted effect equal to NA for metaprop objects

Function print.summary.limitmeta:

  • bug fix such that no error occurs for metaprop objects

Help pages updated accordingly

2014-12-06, version 0.2-0

Argument 'backtransf' available in R package meta during creation of an R object is incorporated in R package metasens.

R function copas, limitmeta, funnel.limitmeta:

  • new argument 'backtransf'

R function orbbound:

  • new argument 'backtransf'
  • new argument 'left' to chose whether selection bias is expected on the left or right side of the funnel plot

R function forest.orbbound, print.copas, print.limitmeta, print.orbbound, print.summary.copas, print.summary.limitmeta:

  • new argument 'backtransf' which replaces argument 'logscale'

Several help pages updated to reflect changes in version 0.3-0

2014-06-24, version 0.1-0

First version of R package metasens published on CRAN (replacement of R package copas).

Changes compared to version 0.8-0 of R package copas.

New functions:

  • limitmeta (limit meta-analysis)
  • print.limitmeta, summary.limitmeta, print.summary.limitmeta (print and summary functions)
  • funnel.limitmeta (funnel plot for limit meta-analysis object)
  • radialregression (regression based on radial plot, used internally)

Functions print.copas and print.summary.copas:

  • new argument 'logscale' (print results for relative effect measures on log scale)

New dataset nsaids

New help pages added and update of existing help pages

Reference manual

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Task views: Clinical Trial Design, Monitoring, and Analysis, Meta-Analysis, Missing Data

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