Interactive Web-Maps Based on the Leaflet JavaScript Library

Display your spatial data on interactive web-maps using the open-source JavaScript library Leaflet. 'leafletR' provides basic web-mapping functionality to combine vector data and online map tiles from different sources. See <> for more information on Leaflet.


leafletR 0.4-0 [2016-04-01]

  • bug fixes in leaflet: broken legend in case of multi-layer maps including markers; ignored for last layer added to map (or if only one data layer is added); error if title contains certain non alphanumeric characters

  • new in leaflet: argument "label" added for basic label support (only working with point data)

  • new in styleCat: style.par parameter dropped

  • new in styleGrad: multi-style support including legend - all three style types can be combined on a map now

  • new in toGeoJSON: tbl_df support; lat/lon detection by variable name

  • update to Leaflet version 0.7.7

  • several improvements of code and documentation

leafletR 0.3-3 [2015-05-30]

  • bug fix in leaflet: arguments "zoom" + "center" not working in case of unused "data" argument

  • bug fix in styleSingle: marker support

  • new in styleSingle: marker styling using maki markers; marker legend support

  • new in leaflet: maps without a base map

  • new in toGeoJSON: line breaks replacement in data frames; factor-to-character conversion

  • new in styleGrad: argument "right" changed to "closure"; classInterval objects support ("breaks" argument); findColours objects support ("style.val" argument)

  • removal of unnecessary CSS from resulting html

leafletR 0.3-2 [2015-04-09]

  • bug fix in leaflet: base map mix-up

  • styleCat, styleGrad, toGeoJSON: error messages added

  • bug fixes internal templates: border color/fill color mix-up; invalid variable names with dot notation; fill=NA not recognized in legend

  • new base maps added: CartoDB Positron/Dark matter

  • new in singleStyle: simple marker support

  • new in leaflet: map view now fits to multi layer bounds

  • improvements of documentation and examples

leafletR 0.3-1 [2014-10-23]

  • bug fix in getProperties/leaflet: possible popup error in case of data files without properties

  • bug fixes in templates: broken legend in some cases; no base map layer control if data is missing

  • bug fix in addBaseMap: options now really optional

  • new argument "controls" in leaflet: show/hide map controls

  • new in leaflet: TopoJSON support added

  • new map features: layer control now contain data layers; scale bar support

leafletR 0.3-0 [2014-09-12]

  • rewrite of leaflet: maps now generated using brew and templates; RJSONIO dependency replaced by jsonlite

  • new function addBaseMap: add custom base maps

  • print method for leaflet: view your map even faster by typing map object name

  • update to Leaflet version 0.7.3

  • bug fixes in leaflet: failed for style lists; bad detection of wrong styles

  • bug fix in styleCat/styleGrad/styleSingle: printing failed

  • bug fix in toGeoJSON: failed for data frames with three columns

leafletR 0.2-1 [2014-07-09]

  • bug fixes in leaflet: check + overwriting data file(s) in map directory + no map in case of multiple base maps with one singleStyle layer + dot separated data file names denied

  • bug fixes in styleSingle: some arguments failed as exclusive argument

  • leaflet: legend for maps with more than one singleStyle layer

  • print methods added for styles

leafletR 0.2-0 [2014-04-28]

  • bug fix in styleGrad: broken legend in some cases

  • bug fix in leaflet: no map display in case of multiple included data layers

  • new function getProperties: prints names of properties available in GeoJSON file (RJSONIO package required)

  • leaflet: GeoJSON validation added (RJSONIO package required)

  • leaflet: CloudMade tiles removed (not free anymore)

  • toGeoJSON: spatial objects (sp) support added

  • internal functions improved/fixed

leafletR 0.1-2 [2014-03-13]

  • update to Leaflet v0.7.2

  • bug fix in styleCat/styleGrad/styleSingle: color conversion failed in some cases

  • leaflet: new base maps added + attribution of maps improved

  • leaflet: popups now work for more than one data layer and multiple properties

  • new argument "style.par" in catStyle/gradStyle: categorized or graduated radii can now be applied to point data

leafletR 0.1-1 [2014-01-28]

  • bug fix in leaflet: internal function parameter confusion

  • bug fix in leaflet/toGeoJSON: incorrect file path returned under Windows

  • new argument "" in leaflet: data can now be included in the HTML file itself (e.g. for Google Chrome and Opera browser support)

  • new argument "overwrite" in leaflet/toGeoJSON: replaces user input, required if file already exists

  • new argument "leg" in styleCat/styleGrad: legend title

  • leaflet/toGeoJSON: spaces replaced with underscores in output file names

  • leaflet: default map title now taken from data file name

leafletR 0.1-0 [2014-01-20]

  • This is the first version

Reference manual

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0.4-0 by Christian Graul, 5 years ago

Browse source code at

Authors: Christian Graul , with contributions from Francois Guillem

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Analysis of Spatial Data, Web Technologies and Services

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports brew, grDevices, jsonlite, methods, utils

Suggests httr, rgdal, sp

Imported by AntWeb, bdvis.

See at CRAN