Chinese Text Segmentation

Chinese text segmentation, keyword extraction and speech tagging For R.

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细胞词库转换可以使用 cidian 包 :


  • 支持 Windows,Linux,Mac 操作系统。
  • 通过 Rcpp 实现同时加载多个分词系统,可以分别使用不同的分词模式和词库。
  • 支持多种分词模式、中文姓名识别、关键词提取、词性标注以及文本Simhash相似度比较等功能。
  • 支持加载自定义用户词库,设置词频、词性。
  • 同时支持简体中文、繁体中文分词。
  • 支持自动判断编码模式。
  • 比原"结巴"中文分词速度快,是其他R分词包的5-20倍。
  • 安装简单,无需复杂设置。
  • 可以通过Rpy2jvmr等被其他语言调用。
  • 基于MIT协议。



cc = worker()
cc["这是一个测试"] # or segment("这是一个测试", cc)
# [1] "这是" "一个" "测试"

同时还可以通过Github安装开发版,建议使用 gcc >= 4.9 编译,Windows需要安装 Rtools


使用指南 与 演示

使用指南 :

正在撰写的文档 :

Shiny 演示 :

细胞词库转换 :




This is a package for Chinese text segmentation, keyword extraction and speech tagging. jiebaR supports four types of segmentation modes: Maximum Probability, Hidden Markov Model, Query Segment and Mix Segment.


  • Support Windows, Linux,and Mac.
  • Using Rcpp to load different segmentation worker at the same time.
  • Support Chinese text segmentation, keyword extraction, speech tagging and simhash computation.
  • Custom dictionary path.
  • Support simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
  • New words identification.
  • Auto encoding detection.
  • Fast text segmentation.
  • Easy installation.
  • MIT license.


Install the latest development version from GitHub:


Install from CRAN:



Changes in Version 0.9.1 (2016-9-28)

o Major Change: distance and vector_distance now return integer value as distance. o Major Change: requires C++11 with GCC 4.9+ to build this package o Fix: tobin now returns the correct value o Fix: get_idf rownames with 1 based index o Add: new_user_word now has a default tag o Add: apply_list to handle nested list input data o Add: simhash_dist to compute distance of simhash values o Add: simhash_dist_mat to compute compute distance matrix of simhash values o Add: vector_tag to tag a character vector o Add: more docs o Depreciated: quick mode will be remove in v0.11.0 o Depreciated: filecoding to file_coding

o Warning: next version will update internal CppJieba version to 5.0.0, query_threshold, words_locate will be removed due to the upstream apis changes.

Changes in Version 0.8.2 (2016-4-18)

o Add: user_weight option for worker(), and default value is the max weight. o Fix: Build with R 3.3.0

Changes in Version 0.8 (2016-1-14)

o Remove: ShowDictPath() EditDict() tag() o Remove: some C API due to CppJieba V4.4.1 update.

o C APIs will not work: jiebaR_mp_ptr jiebaR_mp_cut jiebaR_query_ptr jiebaR_query_cut jiebaR_hmm_ptr jiebaR_hmm_cut.

o C APIs will work but give a warning: jiebaR_mix_ptr jiebaR_mix_cut jiebaR_tag_ptr jiebaR_tag_tag jiebaR_tag_file. jiebaR_mix_cut.

o C APIs change: jiebaR_key_ptr jiebaR_sim_ptr add user path varible.

o Add: some C API due to CppJieba V4.4.1 update.

jiebaR_jiebaclass_ptr, jiebaR_jiebaclass_mix_cut, jiebaR_jiebaclass_mp_cut, jiebaR_jiebaclass_hmm_cut, jiebaR_jiebaclass_query_cut, jiebaR_jiebaclass_full_cut, jiebaR_jiebaclass_level_cut, jiebaR_jiebaclass_level_cut_pair, jiebaR_jiebaclass_tag_tag,jiebaR_jiebaclass_tag_file, jiebaR_set_query_threshold, jiebaR_add_user_word, jiebaR_u64tobin, jiebaR_get_loc

o Add: more type for segmentation, add: full cut, level cut. o Add: default attributte for the type of segmentation. o Add: add new user word after worker engine created. o Add: query_threshold to update query threshold o Add: words_locate to locate the positions of words o Fix: build on GCC 5.3.2 with gnu++14 o Fix: build on Clang 3.8 RC o Fix: add roxygen2 as a dependency for the update of devtools

Changes in Version 0.7 (2015-12-6)

o Add: tobin() to transform simhash to binary format. o Add: vector_simhash() vector_distance() to extract simhash or compute Hamming distance from the result of segmentation. o Add: get_tuple() to get tuple from segmentation result. o Add: get_idf() to generate IDF dict. o Fix: C API now work with Clang on Mac 10.11. o Enhencement: Update tests for C API. o Warning: Next version will update internal CppJieba version and tag(), EditDict(), ShowDictPath() will be remove.

Changes in Version 0.6 (2015-10-1)

o Add: C API. o Add: freq() to count word frequency. o Fix: filter_segment() may occasionally remove words. o Enhencement: filter_segment() now can handle list of vectors of words. o Enhencement: segmentation worker now can remove stop words. The default STOPPATH is not used by default for segmentation worker. o Enhencement: when symbol = F, 2010-10-13, 10.2 can be identified.

Changes in Version 0.5 (2015-04-29)

o Fix: edit_dict() on Mac. o New function: filter_segment() to filter segmentation result. o New function: vector_keywords() to extract keywords from a string. o Enhancement: Segmentation support: Vector input => List output. o Enhancement: Segmentation support: Input by lines => Output by lines. o Enhancement: Add option write = "NOFILE". o Enhancement: New rules for "English word + Numbers". o Update documentation.

Changes in Version 0.4 (2015-01-03)

o Remove Rcpp Modules. o Better symbol filter in segmentation. o Separate data files to jiebaRD package.

Changes in Version 0.3 (2014-12-01)

o 2X segmentation speed. o Quick Mode. o A new [ symbol to do segmentation. o Portable string utility function.

Changes in Version 0.2 (2014-11-23)

o First release on CRAN.

Reference manual

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0.9.99 by Qin Wenfeng, 14 days ago

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Authors: Qin Wenfeng, Wu Yanyi

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports Rcpp

Depends on jiebaRD

Suggests knitr, testthat, devtools, rmarkdown, roxygen2

Linking to Rcpp

Imported by CTM, chinese.misc.

Suggested by jiebaRD, tmcn.

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