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NEWS/ChangeLog for iPlots package

1.1-7 2013-12-03 o fixed ibox() to work on integer vectors properly

 o	fixed issues with NA handling for integer and numeric vectors
when computing ranks. This restores the ability to use ibox()
on vectors containing NAs.

 o	clean up of the handling of input variables to plot routines.
imosaic() and ihammock() now implicitly convert all inputs to

 o	honor headless mode introduced in rJava 0.9-5

1.1-6 2013-06-30 o add basic support for bitmap images -- see iraster()

 o	add a virtual layer -2 that is part of the actual layer 0 and
drawn after paintBack but before paintObjects. It can be only
used by iObjs and allows those to be plotted after axes but
before plot primitives (useful for background raster images)

 o	update documentation to adhere to more restrictive rules in
current R that prevent proper documentation of structured
dots arguments.

1.1-5 2012-02-06 o remove dependency on CarbonEL

1.1-4 2011-07-18 o add a NAMESPACE since it becomes compulsory in new R versions and we need to work around locked namespace environments

1.1-3 2009-02-06 o fix ibox and multivariate plots to accept ivars and a whole iset as input (bug#60)

 o	allow iplots to load when NOAWT=1 is set event if the JVM
does not support AWT in R (necessary to be able to install
iplots in Mac OS X 10.5 for JGR)

1.1-2 2008-04-12 o add iplot.size() to get/set the size of a plot

 o  added Swing menu to ibase

1.1-1 2007-09-07 o allow the use of iplots within the R GUI on Mac OS X, but show a warning on possible event loop deadlocks.

 o	update docs to flag S3 methods correctly

 o	map S4 show to S3 print so iset/ivar are shown correctly

 o	add `$<-.iset` method, enhance and fix other accessor methods
for both iset and ivar. Added examples (in ?ivar and ?iset)

 o	add iset.rm() which allows removal of iSets and all associated

 o	add iplot.location() which is experimental for now until nesting
of plots is defined properly

1.1-0 2007-08-22 o use S4 classes for ivar and iset

 o	add subseting and subassignment operator support to ivar and
to allow users to treat them very much like data frames and
vectors repectively

 o	move to rJava 0.5 registration facilities

 o	add batch mode support to selection API

1.0-8 2007-06-3 o changes in ibase package

1.0-7 2007-04-18 o add support for imap

1.0-6 2007-03-02 o fix issues with compiling Common with certain compilers

1.0-5 2006-10-11 o ivar.new now compares the contents with existing variables and will return original reference if the variable already exists

 o	imosaic and ipcp support variable-length arguments

 o	imosaic accepts additional "type" parameter to specify the
desired mosaic plot variation

 o	iset, iplot and iopt handling ahs been streamlined and better
documented. It is now possible to obtain individual objects
for iset, ivar, iplot and iobj.

 o	each plot type has a distinct subclass of "iplot" and thus can
be identified as such

1.0-4 2006-08-29 o several variations of mosaic plots exhibited incorrect behavior with respect to empty cells, this has been now fixed

1.0-3 2006-08-20 o first CRAN release ...

0.1-0 2003/03/23 o first RoSuDA release

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1.1-7.1 by Simon Urbanek, 4 years ago


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Task views: Graphic Displays & Dynamic Graphics & Graphic Devices & Visualization, Multivariate Statistics

GPL-2 license

Imports grDevices, png

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