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0.2.13 by David B. Dahl, 9 months ago

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Authors: David B. Dahl [aut, cre] , R. Jacob Andros [aut] , Devin J. Johnson [aut] , Alex Crichton [cph] (Rust crates: proc-macro2 , cfg-if.) , Andrii Dmytrenko [cph] (Rust crate: lapjv.) , Brendan Zabarauskas [cph] (Rust crate: approx.) , David B. Dahl [cph] (Rust crates: roxido , roxido_macro.) , David Tolnay [cph] (Rust crates: syn , proc-macro2 , quote , unicode-ident.) , DutchGhost [cph] (Rust crate: matrixmultiply.) , Enthought , Inc. [cph] (Rust crate: ndarray.) , Gilad Naaman [cph] (Rust crate: memoffset.) , Jim Turner [cph] (Rust crate: ndarray.) , Josh Stone [cph] (Rust crates: rayon , autocfg , rayon-core.) , matrixmultiply authors [cph] (Rust crate: matrixmultiply.) , Melissa O'Neill [cph] (Rust crate: rand_pcg.) , ndarray developers [cph] (Rust crate: ndarray.) , Niko Matsakis [cph] (Rust crates: rayon-core , rayon.) , Paul Dicker [cph] (Rust crate: rand_pcg.) , PCG Project contributors [cph] (Rust crate: rand_pcg.) , Ralf Jung [cph] (Rust crate: memoffset.) , rawpointer developers [cph] (Rust crate: rawpointer.) , R. Janis Goldschmidt [cph] (Rust crate: matrixmultiply.) , SciPy Developers [cph] (Rust crate: ndarray.) , scopeguard developers [cph] (Rust crate: scopeguard.) , Sean McArthur [cph] (Rust crate: num_cpus.) , Stefan Lankes [cph] (Rust crate: hermit-abi.) , The Cranelift Project Developers [cph] (Rust crate: wasi.) , The Crossbeam Project Developers [cph] (Rust crates: crossbeam-utils , crossbeam-epoch , crossbeam-deque , crossbeam-channel.) , The CryptoCorrosion Contributors [cph] (Rust crates: ppv-lite86 , rand_chacha.) , The Go Authors [cph] (Rust crate: crossbeam-channel.) , The Rand Project Developers [cph] (Rust crates: rand_chacha , getrandom , rand_core , rand , rand_pcg.) , The Rust Project Developers [cph] (Rust crates: quote , rayon , crossbeam-channel , rand , num-traits , getrandom , libc , rand_chacha , num-complex , num-integer , rand_core , log.) , Ulrik Sverdrup "bluss" [cph] (Rust crate: scopeguard , matrixmultiply , either , rawpointer , itertools , ndarray.) , Unicode , Inc. [cph] (Rust crate: unicode-ident.)

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MIT + file LICENSE | Apache License 2.0 license

System requirements: Cargo (Rust's package manager), rustc (>= 1.65)

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