Interface for FAME Time Series Database

Read and write FAME databases.


Changes in Version 2.21

o getfame() failed to read doc attribute of a series if the documentation had more than one string in it.

Changes in Version 2.20

o package:fame now Imports functions from package tis and no longer Depends on it. package:tis contains some functions with common names, like 'year' and 'month'. By not attaching it along with package:fame, the tis package is less likely to interfere with other packages that have functions with the same names in them. However, this also means that if you really want the tis functions, you'll have to library(tis).

Changes in Version 2.19

o better error messages and warnings for getfame()

Changes in Version 2.18

o updated documentation for fameWhats() with better description of its return value as suggested by Paul Gilbert.

Changes in Version 2.17

o CASE series returned by getfame() now have a names attribute set to the case numbers, a suggestion by Corwin Joy.

o make getfame() handle a date series that starts with an NA value. Thanks to Corwin Joy for reporting the bug and suggesting a way to fix it.

Changes in Version 2.16

o make getfame() correctly read scalar NC and ND values. Thanks to Corwin Joy for reporting the bug.

Changes in Version 2.15

o changed "env = envir" to "envir = envir" in several places to avoid package check complaints about partial matches

Changes in Version 2.14

o putfame() now tells you if it creates a database

Changes in Version 2.13

o bugfix in fameWhat()

Changes in Version 2.12

o change default value of closeConnection in fameDbClose() to FALSE.

Changes in Version 2.11

o bug fixes in server support. Thanks to Paul Gilbert for testing.

Changes in Version 2.10

o export getFamePath()

o support for user-defined attributes

Changes in Version 2.9

o should now work with Fame 'master/dbback' Fame servers.

Changes in Version 2.8

o functions fameWhat, fameWhats and getfame return then entire documentation and description attributes, not just the first 256 characters.

Changes in Version 2.7

o Thanks to Paul Gilbert (with an assist from Duncan Murdoch) for coming up with a file that actually works. The Windows build works again!

o For formula series, get description and documentation attributes from the formula, not from the series that results from evaluating the formula.

Changes in Version 2.6

o minor changes to documentation

Changes in Version 2.5

o fixed getFamePath() to use file.access() function rather than hope that the operating system knows what the "test" program is supposed to do.

Changes in Version 2.4

o minor documentation cleanup

Changes in Version 2.0

o functions implementing the ti and tis classes were split off into their own package called "tis", which this package depends on.

o The remote Fame and client-server functionality was removed due to security concerns and because the Rserve package offers a better way to do this.

o It works with Windows FAME!

o The addLast() function that modified the .Last function in the global environment was a bad idea.

o The functions hexidecimal and hex2numeric were unnecessary, as the same things can be accomplished with sprintf() and evaluating hex strings with "0x" pasted on the front.

Reference manual

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2.21 by Jeff Hallman, 6 years ago

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Authors: Jeff Hallman <[email protected]>

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Task views: Empirical Finance, Time Series Analysis

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Imports tis

Imported by TSfame.

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