Convenient Data Exchange with Microsoft Excel

Allows access to data in running instance of Microsoft Excel (e. g. 'xl[a1] = xl[b2]*3' and so on). Graphics can be transferred with 'xl[a1] ='. Additionally there are function for reading/writing 'Excel' files - ''/''. They are not fast but able to read/write '*.xlsb'-files and password-protected files. There is an Excel workbook with examples of calling R from Excel in the 'doc' folder. It tries to keep things as simple as possible - there are no needs in any additional installations besides R, only 'VBA' code in the Excel workbook. Microsoft Excel is required for this package.


0.9.8-1 (23.05.2018)

  • Fix '' - it reads hidden sheets incorrectly. Thanks for reporting to Katie McCarron.
  • Add functions ''/'xl.sheet.hide'/'xl.sheet.visible' to manage sheets visibility (very hidden sheet is not supported)
  • Add argument 'write.res.password' for for reading/writing Excel files with second password (issue #11)
  • Add new function: - for getting/setting active sheet name
  • Add new function: xl.sheet.duplicate (issue #14)
  • Now in R_Connection_Examples.xlsm we use default version of R, not 32-bit version (issue #13)

0.9.7 (30.04.2017)

  • Add option to get full path to workbooks (
  • Now doesn't try to open already open workbook (
  • Add xl(*)n family of functions. They create new sheet before output.
  • Add very basic formatting support via
  • Add xl.write method for 'etable' class from 'expss' package -

0.9.5 (24.09.2016)

  • Fixes an issue with multibyte character encoding (fix from soeque1
  • Fixes an issue with two workbooks after xl.workbooks.add/

0.9.4 (12.04.2016)

  • Fixes a GCC warning and linking error from gcc v4.9.3 (fix by Jim Hester)

0.9.3 (06.12.2015)

  • Make Excel examples compatible with 64-bit Excel version.
  • Remove 'emf' format from

0.9.1 (14.07.2015)

  • Fix converstion of #NUM! and other Excel errors. Now they are converted to NaN.
  • Add basic datetime supports
  • Add abitility to name pictures in Excel - so it can be updated from R
  • now can read files from URL
  • Add active bindings to Excel ranges

0.8.1 (06.05.2015)

  • RDCOMClient integration
  • options(excel_hwnd) to get specific Excel instance

0.7.5 (25.04.2015)

  • RStudio compatibility fix
  • Switch to RDoxygen for documentation
  • Release on Github
  • Excel examples
  • Reading/writing password-protected files

0.6 (04.09.2013)

  • Added functions,
  • Added filename argument in

0.5.5 (12.04.2013)

  • Compatibilty fix for R3.0 release

0.5.4 (13.08.2012)

  • now insert picture instead of link to the file
  • aaa[condition,new.var] = data now works properly

0.5 (19.11.2011)

  • initial release

Reference manual

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0.9.9 by Gregory Demin, 7 months ago

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Authors: Gregory Demin <[email protected]>. To comply CRAN policy includes source code from 'RDCOMClient' ( by Duncan Temple Lang <[email protected]>.

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GPL (>= 2) license

Depends on methods, grDevices, utils

Suggests knitr, rmarkdown

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