CRAN Task Views

Infrastructure for task views to CRAN-style repositories: Querying task views and installing the associated packages (client-side tools), generating HTML pages and storing task view information in the repository (server-side tools).


Changes in Version 0.8-5

o The ctv-server tools now generate a somewhat more verbose index.html page that explains what task views are and how they could be extended.

Changes in Version 0.8-4

o tag can now be used to refer to projects on GitHub using markup like user/project.

o To support older versions of R (up to R 3.4.3), the server-side tools now explicitly use saveRDS(..., version = 2) to store task view information.

Changes in Version 0.8-3

o packages are now at rather than

Changes in Version 0.8-2

o There is a new optional tag that can be used to display an official task view URL (and insert it into the metainformation tags). For CRAN task views the official URL is used by default.

Changes in Version 0.8-1

o Bug fix in check_ctv_packages(): Packages in but not in were not computed correctly.

Changes in Version 0.8-0

o HTML generation improved. Now XHTML 1.0 is produced with both DublinCore and HighWire Press metainformation tags.

Changes in Version 0.7-9

tags are preserved as such in the section.

Changes in Version 0.7-8

o Use system.file() instead of .find.package() in vignette.

Changes in Version 0.7-7

o Use system.file() instead of .find.package() in ?read.ctv.

Changes in Version 0.7-6

o New function check_ctv_packages() for maintainers of CRAN task views. This checks whether and are consistent and whether all packages are actually in the repository.

Changes in Version 0.7-5

o Package depends on R >= 2.13.0 now in order to use only saveRDS()/readRDS() and not .saveRDS()/.readRDS().

Changes in Version 0.7-4

o update.views() gains a "filter" argument passed to available.packages(), so that the packages can be filtered with respect to operating system type or free and open-source license etc.

Changes in Version 0.7-3

o saveRDS() instead of .saveRDS() is now used in the server-side tools if available.

Changes in Version 0.7-2

o avoid usage of ≪ in Cluster.ctv because it is not processed correctly on all platforms

o further improvement to available.views() which now uses readRDS() if available.

Changes in Version 0.7-1

o fixed available.views() for R 2.13.0 as the underlying .readRDS() needed to be changed.

Changes in Version 0.7-0

o added download.views() function (as suggested by Peter Ruckdeschel)

o restructured internals of install.views() and update.views() so that all three functions can use the same code for determining the list of packages that is going to be installed/updated/downloaded.

Changes in Version 0.6-0

o update.views() was updated reflecting that bundles are not supported anymore.

Changes in Version 0.5-6

o modified code to avoid non-standard evaluation in subset().

Changes in Version 0.5-5

o simplified printing of warnings (with useFancyQuotes = FALSE).

Changes in Version 0.5-4

o grep(..., extended = FALSE) replaced by the more appropriate grep(..., fixed = TRUE).

Changes in Version 0.5-3

o The R-Forge links created from are now forced to be in lower case.

Changes in Version 0.5-2

o Minor changes to improve generation of tidy HTML.

Changes in Version 0.5-1

o In .ctv files a new tag is allowed: for links to Omegahat projects.

o The tags and replace the previous and , respectively, in order to be more consistent with the terminology used in the CRAN Web pages.

o Further improvements of server-side tools in order to provide tidy XHTML code.

o The default style file included in the server-side tools is now CRAN_web.css (rather than R.css).

Changes in Version 0.5-0

o Improved server-side tools: read.ctv() and ctv2html() now try harder to provide tidy XHTML code.

Changes in Version 0.4-9

o added CITATION file

Changes in Version 0.4-8

o new tag

Changes in Version 0.4-7

o removed \itemize in .Rd files for new R-devel.

Changes in Version 0.4-6

o Changed interface of install.views() and update.views(): Argument "dependencies = TRUE" has been removed (but can still be specified through "..."). Hence, by default, the defaults of install.packages() are inherited. However, is still possible to get the prior behaviour by setting dependencies explicitly in install.views()/update.views().

Changes in Version 0.4-5

o Enhanced support for R-Forge and Bioconductor links (new tag, similar to ).

Changes in Version 0.4-4

o Enhanced UTF-8 support.

Changes in Version 0.4-3

o Enabled UTF-8 support for character fields in CTV files.

Changes in Version 0.4-2

o Updated vignette to better reflect the latest changes.

Changes in Version 0.4-1

o Added new tags and for CTV files.

Changes in Version 0.4-0

o New function update.views() which only installs the packages from a view that are not installed or not up-to-date.

o Added infrastructure for view version/date and contact e-mail address of the maintainer.

o Adapted the server-side tools to the new web-structure of CRAN.

Reference manual

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0.8-5 by Achim Zeileis, 3 years ago

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