Miscellaneous Basic Functions

A collection of miscellaneous functions for copying objects to the clipboard ('Copy'); manipulating strings ('concat', 'mgsub', 'trim', 'verlan'); loading or showing packages ('library_with_dep', 'require_with_dep', 'sessionPackages'); creating or testing for named lists ('nlist', 'as.nlist', 'is.nlist'), formulas ('is.formula'), empty objects ('as.empty', 'is.empty'), whole numbers ('as.wholenumber', 'is.wholenumber'); testing for equality ('almost.equal', 'almost.zero') and computing uniqueness ('almost.unique'); getting modified versions of usual functions ('rle2', 'sumNA'); making a pause or a stop ('pause', 'stopif'); converting into a function ('as.fun'); providing a C like ternary operator ('condition %?% true %:% false'); finding packages and functions ('get_all_pkgs', 'get_all_funs'); and others ('erase', '%nin%', 'unwhich', 'top', 'bot', 'normalize').

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You can install 'bazar' from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


bazar 1.0.11 (2019-03-15)

  • 'get_all_pkgs()' no longer explores the whole list of installed packages by default. The default is now to search within attached packages only.

bazar 1.0.10 (2018-10-03)

  • Add 'as.na()' S3 method, which transforms an object into an 'NA' object of the same type.

bazar 1.0.9 (2018-07-31)

  • Add 'get_vars()'. This function extracts variables from a formula.

bazar 1.0.7 (2017-12-17)

  • Add 'as.fun()' for several R models, including 'lm', 'rpart', 'gam', 'randomForest'.

bazar 1.0.6

  • Ternary operator 'condition %?% true %:% false' is added.
  • Function 'find_pkgs()' renamed into 'get_all_pkgs()' and corrected.
  • Add function 'get_all_funs()'.
  • Function 'normalize()' is now documented.

bazar 1.0.5

  • Add functions 'top()' and 'bot()'.
  • Add function 'almost.unique()'.

bazar 1.0.4

  • 'as.fun.character()' now provides the identified package as attribute.

bazar 1.0.3

  • 'as.fun()' gains additional methods (for atomic vectors and data frames).

bazar 1.0.2

  • Add function 'normalize()'.

bazar 1.0.1

  • Creation of the 'almost.unique()' generic function.

bazar 1.0.0

  • 'as.fun()' gains a 'numeric' S3 method.

bazar 0.1.9

  • Change 'as.function()' into 'as.fun()'.

bazar 0.1.8

  • Create 'as.function.character()'.

bazar 0.1.7

  • There was a bug in is.wholenumber() when 'x' had missing values.

bazar 0.1.6

  • Slight correction in concat().

bazar 0.1.5

  • Slight correction in as.nlist().

bazar 0.1.0

  • Creation of the package 'bazar'

Reference manual

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1.0.11 by Paul Poncet, 2 years ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/paulponcet/bazar/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/bazar

Authors: Paul Poncet [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-3 license

Imports kimisc, stats, tools, utils

Suggests knitr, testthat

Imported by flifo, observer, skedastic.

Suggested by OptCirClust.

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