Functions for Wind Resource Assessment

A collection of functions to analyse, visualize and interpret wind data and to calculate the potential energy production of wind turbines.


bReeze 0.4-3 [2018-11-14]

  • clean: time interval correction added

  • day.plot: missing hour bug fixed

  • map.plot: Google Maps API key support added

  • windprofile: class typo fixed

  • example-dataset replaced with compressed version

bReeze 0.4-2 [2018-01-05]

  • fix name conflict with R base method

bReeze 0.4-1 [2017-08-01]

  • some small bug fixes

bReeze 0.4-0 [2014-09-18]

  • S3 reorganisation of all functions

  • aep, availability, energy, frequency, month.stats, day.plot, polar.plot, turb.iec.plot, profile, turbulence, weibull: potential timezone bug fixed

  • plot.weibull: parameter display error fixed

  • package dependencies reduced

bReeze 0.3-2 [2014-05-08]

  • availability, frequency, monthStats, plotDay, plotPolar, plotTimeSeries, plotTurbIEC, profile, turbulence, weibull: time stamp issue fixed

  • aep, energy, frequency, turbulence: NA in output replaced by 0 (NA is not really correct and may cause plotting problems)

  • formatTS: time zone support added

  • messages/warnings cleaned up

bReeze 0.3-1 [2014-03-31]

  • availability, frequency, monthStats, plotDay, plotPolar, plotTurbIEC, profile, turbulence, weibull: specify data subsets by date

  • plotDay: sectoral plotting for single data sets added

  • profile: alpha as single value or vector (one per sector)

  • several improvements/fixes of code and documentation

bReeze 0.3-0 [2014-01-13]

  • plotMap: function for simple map plotting is back, now based on RgoogleMaps package

  • uncertainty: new function for uncertainty assessment

  • plotUncertainty: new function for uncertainty plots

  • short name wrapper functions: bug fixed - default value confusion

bReeze 0.2-4 [2013-12-04]

  • formatTS: removed some test code left in last version

  • readPC: simpler specifying of package directory files

  • some background improvements/fixes

bReeze 0.2-3 [2013-09-17]

  • monthStats: all available signals of the met mast can now be used for calculations; in addition to "mean", also "median", "min", "max" and "sd" can be applied

  • plotAvailability: faster plotting

  • profile: new method loglm (log-linear model) added - now more than two heights can be used for profile calculation

bReeze 0.2-2 [2013-06-27]

  • availability: v.set and dir.set can now handle vectors of datasets

  • availability, clean, frequency, monthStats, plotAvailability, plotDay, plotMonthStats, plotTimeSeries, plotTurbIEC,profile, turbulence, weibull: data sets can now be specified by name

  • formatTS: bug fixed - handling of duplicates

  • plotPC: bug fixed - ugly axis if both coefficients are plotted; a list of power curves can now be plotted at once

  • printObject: bugs fixed - function calls incorrect in some cases

  • readPC: power curve data base update

  • new short name aliases for functions

bReeze 0.2-1 [2013-02-28]

  • energy, frequency and plotProfile: bug fixed - output of internally called function printed

  • frequency, profile, turbulence, weibull: number of sectors no longer limited to 4/8/12/16

  • monthStats: bug fixed - calculation error for met masts with just one dataset

  • printObject: bug fixed - original/cleaned data displayed wrong for met masts with just one dataset

  • polar plotting functions (plotAep, plotEnergy, plotFrequency, plotPolar, plotTurbulence): optional graphical parameters added

  • some small code and documentation cosmetics

bReeze 0.2-0 [2013-02-06]

  • clean: wind direction values are now excluded, where wind speed is lower than the v.avg.min specified; bug fixed - unwanted cleanings and wrong feedback possible; repetitions can now be cleaned

  • frequency: bug fixed - wrong frequency values possible for uncleaned mast objects

  • plotDay: now all signals can be plottet

  • plotMap: function removed from package due to disproportional high installation requirements compared to the low performance of the used OpenStreetMap package

  • printMast: replaced by printObject

  • printObject: new print method for all bReeze objects; bug fixed in old printMast method, that returned wrong availability values

  • plotting functions (plotAep, plotAvailability, plotDay, plotEnergy, plotFrequency, plotMonthStats, plotPC, plotPolar, plotProfile, plotTimeSeries, plotTurbIEC, plotTurbulence, plotWbDir, plotWeibull): many optional graphical parameters added

  • processing functions (aep, energy, frequency, monthStats, profile, turbulence, weibull): new 'digits' argument for the number of decimal places to be used for results; new 'print' argument to show/hide results

  • further small improvements of code and documentation; namespace added

bReeze 0.1-1 [2012-10-21]

  • aep: capacity factor added to the output

  • availability: two bugs fixed - slightly wrong availability values in some cases of missing samples; error in calculation for sets with just one signal

  • clean: wind speed limit for calculation of turbulence intensity can now be adjusted by the user

  • createPC: if rated.p is not given, rated power is now automatically set to the maximum power value; desc argument for name and/or description of a wind turbine added

  • formatTS: available patterns cleaned up and internal handling enhanced; possible error in pattern selection fixed

  • plotTimeSeries: bug fixed - blocking of '00:00:00' time stamps for the start and end arguments

bReeze 0.1-0 [2012-07-10]

  • This is the first version

Reference manual

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0.4-3 by Christian Graul, 3 years ago

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Authors: Christian Graul and Carsten Poppinga

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Task views: Analysis of Ecological and Environmental Data

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports graphics, grDevices, lubridate, stats, utils

Suggests RColorBrewer, RgoogleMaps, XML

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