Design and Analysis of Clinical Non-Inferiority or Superiority Trials with Active and Placebo Control

Design and analyze three-arm non-inferiority or superiority trials which follow a gold-standard design, i.e. trials with an experimental treatment, an active, and a placebo control. Method for the following distributions are implemented: Poisson (Mielke and Munk (2009) ), negative binomial (Muetze et al. (2016) ), normal (Pigeot et al. (2003) ; Hasler et al. (2009) ), binary (Friede and Kieser (2007) ), nonparametric (Muetze et al. (2017) ), exponential (Mielke and Munk (2009) ).

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title: "News for ThreeArmedTrials" author: "Tobias Mütze" date: "September 09th 2016"

ThreeArmedTrials 1.0-3

  • Added references to description
  • Changed method for estimation negative binomial shape parameter
  • Fixed note related to unregistered native routines
  • Functions taNegbin.XYZ were removed
  • Fixed typos in vignette

ThreeArmedTrials 1.0-2

  • Fixed bug in power calculation of exponential data

ThreeArmedTrials 1.0-1

  • Fixed bug in input check for power calculation of normal data

ThreeArmedTrials 1.0-0

  • Binary, censored exponential, nonparametric, normal, Poisson models implemented
  • Functions taNegbin.test(), taNegBin.OptAllocation(), and power.taNegbin.test() are marked as deprecated
  • Negative binomial model is part of new functions test_RET(), power_RET(), and opt_alloc_RET()
  • Data sets GElesions, remission, seizures, and T2lesion added to package
  • Vignette with examples for binary, Poisson, and nonparametric model made available

ThreeArmedTrials 0.1-0

  • Package includes all functions for planning and analyzing trials with negative binomial endpoints
  • First version published on CRAN

Reference manual

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