Tools for Spatial Data Analysis

Tools for spatial data analysis. Emphasis on kriging. Provides functions for prediction and simulation. Intended to be relatively straightforward, fast, and flexible.



1.0.4 Updated package to register routines. This removed the NOTE on CRAN.

1.0.2 Corrected bug in calculation of loglik for and cov.sp. Fixed approach to passing control list to maxlik.* functions.

1.0.1 Cleaned up documentation a bit more. When conditional simulation is performed using the, krige.ok, or functions, the list returned has class "krigeConditionalSample".

1.0.0 Cleaned up namespace issues to correct warnings/notes on CRAN. Also, removed Made some modifications to documentation, behavior of option arguments in, krige.ok,

0.5.8 Added class jointPredictiveSample to output from spLMPredictJoint function.

0.5.7 Fixed bug in calculation of Gaussian covariance function.


0.5.5 Updated DESCRIPTION so that Rcpp and RcppArmadillo are not included in binary builds of the package.

0.5.4 Updated namespace so that the spBayes package is imported, but is not a depends since it is only required for one function.

0.5.3 Modified spLMPredictJoint function to rely on C++ for much faster computation.

0.5.2 Corrected bug in cov.sp when user-supplied distance matrices are supplied. Added spLMPredictJoint function.

0.5.1 Modified simple.cov.sp for much faster computation times of spherical and

   matern covariance functions.  Added matern2 covariance function, an alternative 	parameterization from Handcock and Wallis (1994).

0.5.0 Cleaned the arguments for kriging functions. Added functions related to contour

   lines.  Added rcondnorm to simulate from multivariate normal distribution
conditional on observed data.

0.4.3 Changed to pure R (with little change in speed). Updated distance

functions to reference namespace to improve compatibility with old versions of R.

0.4.2 Removed rcondsim and condsim.par functions. Removed ability to return weight

matrix from, krige.ok,

0.4.1 Added check on rcondsim arguments. Fixed small bug in

0.4.0 Added rcondsim to simulate from conditional distribution.

Added ability to simulate from conditional distribution
in, krige.ok, and


Fixed bug in krige_ok (cpp version) that cropped up due to 
some changes related to RcppArmadillo.
Reorganized cpp, h files for kriging functions.


Added coincident function to determine coincident locations.


Added function to perform simple kriging.
Fixed bug in for separable ar1 process with nugget
Various corrections in the man files

Reference manual

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1.0.4 by Joshua French, 4 years ago

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Authors: Joshua French <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Analysis of Spatial Data

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports spBayes, Rcpp

Linking to Rcpp, RcppArmadillo

Imported by CornerstoneR, ExceedanceTools.

See at CRAN